best living room wall decor

best living room wall decor

do you enjoy fun diy projects? here are some great diy projects that willimprove your home. maybe you need some additional shelf spaceor you just want to spice up an old table. don’t save that project for a rainy day—youcan start today by catching these easy-to-do step-by-step guides. even for someone who is busy, these projectsmake a fun weekend activity. here are 20 cool diy projects for improvingyour home. 1. make a giant jenga set for your backyard.

okay, so maybe you haven’t played jengain a few years (or a lot of years), but this is a fun and satisfying home project thatgives the whole family something fun to do in the back yard. you can either use some old 2x4 boards andtrim them all to the same size or you can start from scratch. 2. customized timber knobs. want to give your chest of drawers a littlesomething extra? this super easy diy project just requiresthat you find some images you want to apply

to the surface of a standard timber knob. you’ll print off the images on paper beforeusing paint, sealer, and mod podge to put it all together. you’ll love the way it adds interest toa plain chest of drawers. 3. headboard and footboard bench. want a classy new bench for the front porchor back yard? start by finding a cool headboard and footboardcombination from a local thrift store. then, you’ll use 1x3 boards to make theseat itself and a couple 2x4 boards to hold

everything together. 4. floating diy corner shelves. need some additional shelf space? or, maybe you just want to dress up that plain-lookingcorner in your home. jump on “board” with this cool projectas you make a base to hang your shelf on. you’ll need a table saw and a few otherbasic tools, as well as the right wood stain, but this easy project will be worth your while. 5.

make your own modern coffee table. for this one, you’ll need a few items like2x4 inch boards, some fancy table legs of your choice, a saw, and a few other things. first, you’ll make sure all the boards arethe exact size you want. you can fit the boards together, using a hiddencrossbeam to hold everything in. stagger the boards when you place then fora chic modern look to your coffee table. this project is perfect for modificationsas well—stack the boards however you like. 6. turn a broken ikea storm lamp into a chiclight.

storm lamps are cool because they offer notonly light, but shape as well as texture. however, that nifty paper that makes up thelamp shade can easily tear. but—no worries! you can easily turn that torn lamp into acool new lamp for your desk. watch the video to find out how. 7. make a thrifted mirror table. this one isn’t too complicated—just finda mirror at a thrift store and get to work! you can do this with wooden beams for thebase of a brand new coffee table,

or you can add this to the top of a current coffee tablefor a fun new look. just be careful—mirrors can break easilyif you set something down on the surface too hard. 8. make an interactive led light-up table. ok, this one’s going to require some dedicationand some hardcore nerd energy, but when you’re finished, this will be one of the coolestprojects you’ve ever done! first, you’ll need a table worthy of reconstructing. this ikea table worked perfectly. you’ll have to cut into the surface of thetable far enough to suspend this kind of low-res

screen. then decide on a good size for your cubes—inthis example, they used a 12x12 grid. the actual frame with cubes is more thanlikely need to be laser cut in order to be a perfect fit. here, they’ve strategically wired the ledlights into the grid and used special game codes to program it. this is a really great way to make somethingnot only interesting, but also interactive! check description to find more detail. 9.

create a unique phone stand. tired of holding your phone at arm’s lengthto skype with friends? by making a cool cell phone stand, you’renot only creating something fashionable that keeps the phone in place, but you’re alsomaking something that helps hold the phone when being used. the cool thing about this project is thatyou can use a “spare” piece of wood and dress it up. 10. make your own patio furniture.

nobody wants to pay outrageous prices forpatio furniture (after all, it’s going to be out in the weather). so build your own with a few 2x4 boards! the tutorial below shows you exactly how tobuild this model, but the beauty of this project is that you can get creative and make anyshape or size you like. 11. make a cool plant stand. if you have plants but nowhere to put them,they might just end up on top of the fridge or somewhere out of sight.

this guide shows you just how to make a cuteplant stand that will allow you to enjoy where your plants are, and it will allow your plantsto bask in the sun all they want. the best part is that this tutorial showsyou how to do this project with $10. 12. easy diy table candle lantern. for those looking for a unique piece to addto the patio (or even a fancy foyer or dining room), this project is a fun one. it’s great because you can use scraps ofwood—they don’t even need to match.

the variety of scraps will make this interesting. this will end up housing your favorite candlesand will be a chic addition to any table. 13. make a multi-purpose shower/bath shelf. ready for that relaxing bath you’ve beenpromising yourself? here’s a cool shelf that you can set yourlap top or some scented candles on in the tub. it can also double as a shelf to place yourthings on for the shower, as it can slide across the top of the tub.

if you only want to see it when in use, stickit in the closet and pull it out when both the bath and netflix are calling your name! 14. assemble a nifty kitchen stool (or two). this guide shows exactly how to put togethera little extra seating for your kitchen, or for any extra seating you need. if you like unique furniture, this projectis for you. you’ll come out with some cool vintage-lookinga-frame stools to use anywhere in the house. you’ll be using 2x4s as well as a few basictools on this one, so put on your hard hat

and get to work. 15. construct a monogram of your last name. aren’t we all just jonesing for an oversizedmonogram to stick on the outside of the house? it’s cool and unique (especially if yourlast name begins with a z), and it can be used in different places. maybe you’d rather hang it up on the livingroom wall and surround it with family photos. this project is not for the faint-of-woodworking,but it’s one you’ll be proud of. 16.

create a pencil desk organizer. this is a cute and fun project to let thekids help out with to make a gift for a favorite teacher. you’ll use a 2x4 board on its side and cutit out in the shape of a pencil. then by drilling multiple holes in a row alongthe top edge, you’ll be able to place pens, pencils, scissors, or other desk-dwellingobjects into the holes for convenient storage. 17. diy chic floral centerpiece. everyone knows the floral centerpiece willend up being an over-crowded jumble of floral

failure, but it doesn’t have to be thatway. in this tutorial, you’ll be instructed onhow to make a beautiful wooden centerpiece that allows you to organize your gardeningmasterpieces around the edges of the frame. it even has cool tubes to place each stemin so that your flowers get some water while they impress your company! 18. wooden tabletop planter. if you want to take the previous project tothe next level, you can create a gorgeous tabletop planter in much the same way.

before filling it with dirt (and yes, withplants), you will cut the pieces of wood to size and puzzle them together using nailsand some basic wood glue. give it a cool coat of paint, or add someinterest and use metallic paint or stripes. 19. make your own ribbon-trimmed roman shades. roman shades can be the perfect window coverbecause they don’t cover up beautiful window framing, but they also allow the perfect amountof light on sunny days. in this guide, you’ll find out how to turna plain white roman shade into something a bit more interesting by adding a border ofyour favorite ribbon.

this all can be done in a fraction of thecost of buying new roman shades for your windows. 20. diy file cabinet make over. just face it—it’s time for that nastyold file cabinet haunting your office corner to get a makeover. by first cleaning, sanding, and then re-paintingyour cabinet, you can make that old drab filer into a chic new part of your home that you’reactually proud of. you can even add a cool chalkboard side towrite your to-do list on! if you liked any of these projects, feel freeto share this with a friend.

everyone’s home can use a little love oncein a while, so give one of these projects a try. please like, comment, and share this page,especially to those whose homes could use a little more creativity! and as always, press subscribe button underthis video if you don’t want to miss another episode we will release sometime in the future. we hope. thanks for watching.

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