brown living room wall decor

brown living room wall decor

get "inspired", you're about to learn a simple diy how to make a stylish all age bar cart, how to modernize your childhood dresser, and 31 other apartment decor ideas you probablynever find on any home magazine you bought. this is33 gorgeous diy projects to decorate your grown up apartmentby natalie brown. 1.

use fabric medium and acrylic paint to turna cheap remnant rug into a custom statement can usually find remnant rugs at home depot or lowe's,just ask for what they might have in stock. learn how to paint the remnant at up cycledtreasures. 2. adhere some gold leaf to canvas pillow coversto make statement pillows. we have the tutorial link under the video, although you might want to paint a pre-made cover instead of using fabric glue to makeyour own.

3. modernize your childhood dresser (or an antiquethrift find) with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.if you don't have a convenient flea market near you,ebay actually has quite a few good finds. and if you don't want to buy new drawer pulls,you can spray paint the current ones metallic gold.check more detail inside info area. 4. paint and frame four doormats for a faux-woodheadboard. while you can't still buy the exact mats usedin the tutorial link we provided, you can

use any rubber doormats that you like this one and this one are similar. 5. or, nail salvaged wood together for a minimalbut warm headboard. this does require some diy guts, and the tutorialcomes in a few parts. three to be exactly. learn more at info area. 6.

or, dumpster dive for an old door, and paintit a fun color. you might consider skipping the door knobthough, so you don't accidentally slam your head against it when you wake up froma bad dream. it won't be funny. 7. turn a 1 x 1 cubby into a sleek side table. this would work in your bedroom or next to your sofa our tutorial link uses an ikeaexpedit shelf, you can't buy anymore but you can find similar shelves know where should go to get more info.

8. or, screw some hairpin legs to a stained orpainted crate. dwell beautiful have this idea. bonus: you get a little more bookshelf space. 9. or, you can build your own wooden top for your hairpin legs mayan rocks have some plans for you down there. 10. cover a boring mirror with a fabric that youlove.

instructed by jackie hernandez. if you don't mind the edges of your mirror as-"is" you can skip the wood veneer step. 11. warm up your entry way with an anthropologie-likepaper flower garland. it's an inexpensive way to deal with thatbig, blank wall. lia griffith knows how you can make it, including the printableflower clue inside info area. 12. cover an ugly planter in pretty rocksfor your front steps. so maybe you don't have a wrap-around porch,

but that doesn't mean what you do have has to be boring. learn how to do this at cent sational girl. 13. pick out some tough fabric and sew a slipcoverfor a utility bucket. utility bucket is equal personal ottoman. ~cool~ thanks to design sponge for the idea. 14. cover an old pallet with foam, batting,

and fabric for a custom living room ottoman. enlist a couple of friends or roommates tohelp you out with the tufting. check an instruction and photos link underthe video to short cut your learning. 15. or, if your small apartment can't fita giant pallet-sized ottoman, make one out of an old cable spool.follow link inside info. tips,to find a big spool, try calling up a local commercial electrician, who might have onethat you can pick up. 16. if you prefer to skip the cushioned ottoman,add simple legs to an ikea table top for a midcentury-style coffee table,it's cheap, and you could probably put it

together in an afternoon. thanks to a joyful riot for the diy link. 17. mount a cool shower curtain on a basicwood frame for a wall-sized statement. the hardware store will usually cut wood tosize for you, so all you have to do is nail it together 6th street design school welcome you to click a cute diy octopus art link under this video. 18. glue old picture frames onto wooden boxesfor pretty framed shadow shelves. try a local flea market for cheap but prettyframes. a cute idea from shanty 2 chic.

19. glue felt around wooden dowels for a cheapand pretty magazine holder. some of us still do read magazines!. check info if you still buy or read magazine in regular basis. 20. recover and paint ugly cheap chairs foractually pretty guest seating. ok, so maybe this feels a "little" overthe top, but if you're feeling extra crafty, why not?it is as easy as click the link under the video and follow it.

21. hot glue paint chips to the inside ofa poster frame for a dry erase calendar. that actually matches your kitchen get the pretty background, you'll also need a neutral fabric. get more details onhow to make this at maple and magnolia. 22. balance a marble tile on a copper pipeframe for a pretty plant stand. you can find single marble tiles at most flooringstores, and ask your hardware store to custom cutyour copper pipe for you. 23. secure an old suitcase to a tv table fora small. but stylish all age soda bar cart.attach the vintage suitcase bottom on top of the table with screw or bit of double stick.if it is historical and you don't want to

scratch it, the stick will do fine.just avoid put the double stick too corner. and it will bond suitcase with the table likea baby monkey. 24. turn a couple of ikea pieces into a trendydrink table with some gold spray paint. you'll probably need a couple of tubes ofsuper glue though. follow the step-by-step link inside info box. 25. tie sisal rope onto a painted board tocreate a simple hanging shelf. get the super simple instructions from 26. upholster a piece of wood with a prettyblanket (and hairpin legs, again) for a colorful bench

your puppy will love it, too. credit goes to a beautiful mess for the instructions. 27. turn two bowls and some concrete intoa beautiful succulent planter. literally two plastic looks hard to make, but it's not! burkatron already tested it. 28. or, knot together some pretty mini hangersfor your kitchen window. we pasted the tutorial link (illustrated withphotos, thankfully), which also includes directions for those pretty ombrã© pots.

29. edge a simple round mirror in copper tape. copper tape is usually used as a "shielding tape" in electronic work. find out how you can use it to jazz up an old mirror click diy link inside info to know more. 30. or, adhere copper leaf to a framed mirrorthat you already own. in description, we already pasted 2 instructionlinks. one is how to use metallic leaf.and the other is tips using gold leaf. 31. drill holes in the side of a ceramic potto turn your favorite pot into a hanging garden.

be sure to read the directions so you don'tcrack the pot, and please wear safety goggles! thanks to the merry thought for the tutorial. 32. spray paint a plastic or wooden dowelwith copper spray paint, then hang air plants on it. if you put this in the bathroom, then you won't even have to remember to mistthe plants with water because they will be moistened every time you shower. more info provided by gathered cheer. 33. marble a vase by floating nail polishin a bowl of water.

make it even cheaper by picking out your nailcolors from the clearance bin. hello lidy invite you to check link underthis video if you want to learn more. that's it, if you agree with most of apartment decor ideas you just see please press nice looking share button or like below. care to comment or subscribe if you think this channel deserve more attention. see you next time and

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