living room decorating ideas dark brown sofa

living room decorating ideas dark brown sofa

hey i'm ann myrick and today i'm going toshow you how to pick art for your living room. it really has to do with is your living roomformal or informal, you need to think about that. do you, what do you like, do you likeexpensive art work, do you like using childrens' art work and pictures that they have donein school and then i love dark frames. i love frames and i love dark frames so if you finda piece that you want to frame i always think, i love black and i love a dark brown. blackwill really anchor a room and i really like having black in a room so a great big blackframe with a piece of art work in it will look great in pretty much any living roomor any room. things i like to do since i tend to be a creative person i like to take whatis there and work with it and i love frames

and so you'll see instead of really havingart, specific art for this i just more created an architectural piece. this is an old justkind of gold gilded frame that i found in a garage sale for $1 and so i bought thisframe and it would be great to put it over a mirror, it would be great to put it overanother painting but what i did is i just propped it on the wall and then i have anotherframe that i just tried to create kind of an interesting architectural kind of shapewithin there and then in accessorizing with this you can put anything with it which isa tray or whatever you want to but also let's go back to hanging on the wall. trays aregreat. these are those old trays and you can put several trays on a wall and they makea great look. using childrens' art work from

school. this was a small picture that my childdid when he was very young and i had this frame that i, i collect frames, i love framesand i had this frame so what i did is i just used the wall as the at and taped the pictureon to the wall and then just with a small little nail hung the frame and so if i everwant to take it down it is just a matter of taking the nail out of the wall and takingthe picture down and putting something else up. this piece again, i collect frames, loveframes and then i just had this old piece of wood, just an old wood container so i justfilled it full of some texture of like an old artichoke and just created texture. thisis ann myrick and that is how to pick out art work for your living room.

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