living room wall art ideas pinterest

living room wall art ideas pinterest

wassup! welcome back to my channel hope y'all are doing great today i'd be sharing with you these wall art ideas which are really quick and easy to do. do leave a comment which one was your favourite and if you haven't subscribed to my channel what ar you waiting for go ahead and click the red button below and without further do let's get started so for this wall art idea you'll need colorful sheets,

and i'm just cutting these in different triangle shapes and pasting it on a plain beige paper so this wall art is almost ready, now you can buy a frame from market or diy it like me i’m using white ivory sheet to make the frame because it's thicker than any other white paper. next i just trimmed the extra part and you can also wrap this with cellophane sheet to keep it protected. and that's it for this diy so this one is really easy i’m just making dots with the tube of water color then i’m just damping my paintbrush in water

and dabbing it on sheet so the color spreads and creates a splash effect you can also directly dip the brush in color and do this technique and it'll create the same effect also, i suggest you use two different brushes as you can see i used only red, blue yellow and green. i’m using one brush for red and yellow and one for green and blue, it also helps in kinda blend as much as needed & also stand out at the same time. i think, this burst of color turned out to be really pretty last step is to frame it i used same white ivory sheet to do that so for this one i roughly drew a face on paper and started painting in various colors

this took maybe 20 minutes and i know i slipped to the artistic side of me this one is not very quick and easy to do but i painted a face and likewise, you can draw anything & paint it colorful to kinda quirk up your plain wall i’m framing it with white ivory sheet and making lines on it that it doesn’t look very plain and boring this one is the easiest to make, and you'll need white sheet & sketch pen so what i'm doing is dividing the sheet by making lines then i'm filling the space by making more lines like so, you won't believe how classic this will look on your wall. so i'm just using black paper to frame it

but if you buy a frame from the market and frame his line art it'll look such a classic and expensive art if you like the ideas do give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel i'll see you next week, byee!

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