living room wall art ideas uk

living room wall art ideas uk

the living room is the nerve centre of yourhouse since this is where people converge including you friends. these techniques will add your personal touchto your own living room and you are sure that your living room will be unique. before we begin, please check the descriptionarea first, there are listed all the original projects that exist in this video. 39 inspiring living room decorating ideas,by nicole and bianca. 1. diy wooden blanket ladder.

this blanket ladder has a rugged look to itwhich is what makes it unique. it is one item that is chic and functionalat the same time. 2. diy old windows. it is simple to make since all it takes isto drill two planks on it to act as the shelf and there you have your old window! 3. painted bottle vases. these vases can then be used as decorativepieces in the living room as they can be used

to hold flowers and plants. the vases can be done in a variety of coloursand placed perhaps on a table in your living room. 4. a diy coffee table. the table incorporates wheels and this makesit easy to manoeuvre. the table looks simple yet it adds characterto your living room. 5. storage sofa.

the sofa can be put to several diverse usesand it has a desirable square design that is sure to interest most of your guests. the construction of this sofa is done in 10easy steps and it is relatively cheap 6. a diy song lyric wall art. this is something that you can easily do onyour own and afterwards it shall add to the character of your living space. 7. diy ombre quote wall art.

you can play with different colours whilemaking the art and this will definitely brighten the walls in your living room. this art will take a short time to make. 8. diy wall art. it is a simple procedure to create this typeof art and yet it looks so professional and sophisticated. 9. 3d geometric wall art.

you can decide to use the colours that willmatch well with the general color theme of your living room. with a possibility of mixing up to five colorsthis wall art can be made very colorful. 10. fabric cushion. your cushions will be unique and will addto the wow factor of your living room. you will have fun while making this cushionand be excited as the pattern takes shape. 11. mason jar monogram light.

the jars are used to cover the lights givinga subtle and warm light effect. it is not complicated to make it as the finalproduct makes it out to be. 12. diy knitted stools. it is not difficult to make this stools consideringthe step by step process provided. it will be fun and interesting to try yourhand at this. 13. crochet tealight covers. this is a simple aspect that will improvethe overall feel in your living room.

this is a simple but very effective methodin decorating your living room. 14. diy gold initial mugs. this is a customizable decorative piece sinceyou choose whatever initial that you will place on the mug. the mug can then be used to hold a plant ina unique way. 15. diy honeycomb shelves. it is a bit involving to construct it consideringthe tools to be used, but this once the shelf

is complete it is indeed worth it. 16. diy rope rug. it might take some few hours to complete butfor the look and the feel of the rug it is definitely worth it. it is a very comfortable rug but don’t placetoo much furniture on it. 17. wall lamp. it will look like an industrial vintage lampwhich will look good at a corner in your living

you may change the type of bulb to the typethat you would like in your living room. 18. geese pillow cover. this is a fun project to work on since youmay customize the colors as you work along to fit the theme you want. this is a good decorative piece for your livingroom. 19. crate coffee table. the main pieces required for constructingit are four wooden crates and one piece of

plywood. 20. a diy tablescape party. the table has been customized by placing littlestarfish and capiz shell covered candles to go with the selected theme. 21. floating shelves. they are simple to construct and can be donein a way that decorates the wall instead of having a plain wall in your living room.

22. diy pallet wall. this gives the wall a sophisticated look whichadds to the allure of your living room. make your measurements correctly and yourwall will be looking good in no time. 23. diy letters on wall. in this case the phrase is ‘it is well withmy soul’. such phrases can be a motivational tool foryour or even a welcoming message for your guests to your house.

24. mason jar window treatment. this does not function to prevent people whoare outside from seeing in but enhances the view of the people looking at your windowsfrom your living room. 25. diy gallery wall. the concept of this idea is to shop at thriftstores for desirable items and to also re-use and up-cycle. 26.

diy upholstered ottoman. you can also use a fabric that match withthe color theme of the living room so that it complements everything else. 27. barn wood shutters. it only takes a pile of wood planks to makethis form of wall art. it is cheap since it might take around $20to do this project. 28. diy pillow designs.

the designs are simple but unique and theyuse readily available materials that can be obtained for a relatively cheap amount. 29. rustic wood shim vase. instead of having a plain vase to put yourplants in, you can customize them. this will ensure that your vases are not plainand boring. 30. crate bed. this is applicable where you have a pet suchas a dog.

this shall be the pet’s comfortable bedwhich can be placed in the living room. 31. creating a nordic look. this look is especially relevant during thewinter months. it is a very desirable look and it will nottake much to give your living room the nordic look. 32. reclaimed window coffee tables. this is a unique table that integrate windowsto them.

this is a highly customizable table sinceyou will integrate the windows that you want to it. 33. diy weathered wood finish. this gives the piece an antique look whichis highly stylish and desirable. 34. diy drawer shelves. you can convert some drawers that are notin use and make them into beautiful shelves where you can store your items.

35. leather sling planter. this is a visually appealing way to incorporateplats into your living room and at the same time keep them out of reach from pest andsmall children. 36. hemnes lift-top coffee table. this lift-top functionality to your coffeetable will allow you to raise it up and bring it closer to allow you to eat off the coffeetable. 37.

diy coffee table from malm bed slats. this coffee table is made from bed slats. you can obtain slats that are not in use toengage in this project. 38. diy metallic pendant sconce. it is a simple project to undertake sinceyou can buy the pieces to make it from the store and convert them to something new. 39. pallet desk diy.

it also has some provisions to store lightbooks at the bottom. the finished result has a rustic look to itand can add character to your living room. before you leave, please leave a like, comment,and share if you like this video. and if you want to see improvement in thischannel, please subscribe if you never done this before. thanks for watching.

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