living room wall decor art

living room wall decor art

hi, i'm bonita! this video is requested by bloomnation a florist community website where you can found fresh and beautiful handcrafted flowers so, they asked me if i can make a post of how i use flowers to decorate my room. i love flowers, so i thought to myself, "why not?" so i came out with this idea that actually has been in my list for so long. it's just like coincidence that i have to make this idea into action! i wanted to make a monogram wall art with flowers and butterflies. and it says, "free"!

freeeeee who doesn't want to be free? free from judgements, free from doubts, your fears (dreaming). and yeah just live the life that you want. i think everybody has their dreams and definition of beautiful world. but maybe let's just stop my "blah blah blah", let's start crafting! i cut the paper following its line. i don't have exact measurement for this. then i cut it again because i want a smaller size. we need a square, so cut it again.

grab a stack, fold it diagonally, fold it again, fold it once again, and then cut making a zig zag pattern. unfold it and you have zig zag petals. grab a stack of these petals. i suggest minimum 5. and then staple them at the center. pinch the petals upward one by one. adjust and relax the petals accordingly to make it looks like flowers. there you go, one flower. for another shape, fold the stack width-wise twice. then cut curvy shape around.

unfold it and you have rounded petals. the rest step is the same like we did it before. you can mixing different petal colors in the stack to make colorful flowers. make many many many many of these. let's make the monogram. draw the letters on a thick paper, i used a calendar. the letter size is up to you. mine is at least fit for 2 row of flowers. cut the letters. now, decide the flowers placement before gluing. after you're satisfied, glue the flowers on to the letter with glue gun.

and you're done for the flowers monogram~ it's time to make the butterflies~ fold the black paper in size you want for half of butterfly size. then cut the paper. fold repeatedly just for a faster process, and cut it. after that, draw a half butterfly shape. make sure you draw on the fold. cut that shape. unfold it and you get butterflies! make a place for where it's taped by folding.

make a bunch of these and you get your butterflies~! now display it on the wall. actually, i don't know best tape for this that didn't ruin your wall paint. i have used masking tape, it didn't harm my wall, but it's definitely not secure. the monogram often fell. so, if you guys know, please tell me what kind of tape that best for this project. now let's enjoy the work~ so that is it for the tutorial. i really hope you get inspiration from it. yeah, it took me so long to make the flowers and butterflies.

i think i have spent almost a whole day to finish this wall art. but the result is worth it and i really love it. i hope you like it too. and if you do, please click thumbs up button below and please share this video to the world. also leave me your comments below about your thoughts of this idea, and maybe your just want to discuss with me about beautiful world. (dreaming again) please let me know, because i'd love to know. don't forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven't. especially if you like diys like me. i will send you love, peace, and courage! i will see you on my next post! bye~! have a fun crafting!

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