living room wall hanging ideas

living room wall hanging ideas

this is new tricks to decorate your room with beautiful colored lightning what we need here is one light series school glue screwdriver and disposal glasses of light color or better its white take disposal glass and put some school glue on edges take one more disposal and fix it on that glass do this step for all disposal with count of light in series give them time of half day to dry

now make a hole at bottom of any glass and put face of led light like this do this with all lights now we have to fix light at bottom permanently we will take help of hot glue gun you can take any other supplement if not have glue gun here we go let's take a look how light will show looking good

lets on the lights for better look you can use it to decorate your room hotel party place etc these lights look nice in night and will glow more subscribe like and share for your support thanks for watching

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