modern asian living room ideas

modern asian living room ideas

shinjuku it's one of the busiest andbrightest areas in the world. it's called by somethe backyard of tokyo. a place where you can go and have's also a popular place for tourists to stay if you wanna be near the here we are in the heart of shinjuku and this is my friend masa from the pirates of tokyo bay. hello everyone! and guess what we' re here because of unfortunatecircumstances and wasn't really either our fault we were kinda

making a heavy fun.... maybe having toomuch fun yeah we ended up missing the train this is golden gai the bar area and a place where you can be easily lose track of time luckily we were near this capsule hotel situated right in the centre shinjuku which is really popular with japanese businessman if they go out late, drink a little bit toomuch or work too late maybe their wives are.... don't really want to see them's very convenient to come here without a reservation

and also a lot of foreigntourists wanna check out this place too, so theycome here experience what it's like the shinjukuku kuyakusho-mae capsule hotel checkin starts at 4 p.m. take off your shoes at the entrance and put them in a locker, give the key tothe front desk you'll need it again if you want toleave the hotel its 4,500 yen a night but there are loads of online coupons that offer discounts

especially if you make a reservation there are 430 individual capsules here the sixth and seventh floor is for men the eighth floor is reserved for womenonly don't lose the wristband key put it on and keep it with you. thenumber is important there's a locker near the lobby whereyou can leave your belongings and change towels and pajamas are inside it's also your capsule number

but first, let's change into our pajamas yes we'regonna do just that right now yeah so masa why do we have to wearthese pajamas? well john because it's more comfortable and you could go to the bathroom alright take a bath the kinda cool is this what we call ajin-bei? and i call it a very comfortable clothes the bath

very elegant the japanese bath is perfect place tonot only get clean but relax and let the troubles of the day and night melt's only proper toprovide toothbrushes and razors for free shampoo and soap as well its time to head to the capsule upstairs the capsule floor is dark and quite. its like that

for a reason this is where you sleep many say it reminds them of the morgue or a coffin where vampires sleep it just depends on how you look at it enter and try for yourself...if you dare masa is in the bottom capsule

and heads in first. what's his impression? alright so here's the bottom part ofthe capsule hotel it's not it's not too small and i canlike extend my arms like this so its very comfortable, you can dowhatever you want and if you wanna go to sleep you can turn off the light like this and sleep and yeah and you have a curtainright here so yeah before you go to sleep make sureyou role down the curtains

to go to sleep so good night everyone.i it's been nice knowing y'all and have a nice night i have to climb to small ladder for theupper capsule it's sort of like a bunk bed pretty comfortable it's not exactly whati expected expected it to be a lot tighter and more constrain that was myimage but this capsule is two meters longone meter wide 1 meter high seems to be the perfect size almost likea twin size bedding here kisho kurokawa the architect of these capsule hotels also create a building called the nakagin capsule towers

in shinmabshi. capsule hotels weredesigned in the nineteen seventies with the future in mind so were the nakagin capsule towers the round windows give the impression ofa spaceship they're cozy, and everything you need inside bath, kitchen, bed. tv outside they look like cargo containers. a practical idea yes really comfortable! if you takea look, my feet are in here yeah i'm 180 centimetres tall i have about 10centimetres to spare

10 20 centimeters so..comfortable these capsules have what you need for the night a tv , air vent an alarm , radio and electrical outlet fast and free wifi just remember the golden rule: be quiet this floor is meant for sleeping and alone time

so...just how small are they? only one way to find out two grown men we have the walls around... we're gonna sleep like this all the time this is your don't even touch it! don't even think about it! this is no man's land better off solo in these things each guest must check out at 10 a.m. every day even if you have reserved morethan one night

take all your belongings with you! thatalso means every capsule is made up again. if you want to stay during the day special capsules are available for 500yen an hour each capsule has fresh sheets by 4p.m. many capsule hotels have a smallrestaurant this restaurant is open from 6 p.m. tomidnight the food its good!! the vegetarian tofuburger set is 700 yen the daily special menchikatsu, abreaded meat patty for 700 yen snacks are 300 yen each

edamame and grilled squid slices perfect with the 400-yen draft beer after a bath and changing into yourpajamas it can be a hassle to change into your street clothes again for those that just want to chill outthis is the way to go and no cash needed!! show your wristkeyband and pay at checkout two guys from the ukjust checked in why stay here?

just a convenience of it you have to be out by 10 which helps us daily to get up you have to check out so a green light by your capsule numberindicates a checked in status the power is on you can put your arms up not too much to the side you have privacy as well hey ladies

rest easy the security is on! the women's floor requires a pass code to enter. security cameras as well at the door no men allowed but after checkout we got an inside look the locker seemed bigger and newer! the capsule seem cleaner the floor is hard wood, making it easierto sweep up all that hair

the bathroom? clean and modern. everything is newincluding those smart toilets that auto open and close this is heaven it's late i can't sleep it's time for a midnight snack near the lounge there's an instantraman vending machine. in fact there are a lotof machines beer drink laundry

pick a ramen and fill it up with hot water and grab a chair in front of the tv not bad, eh? this is living so, whether you drank too muchamd missed the last train just need a place to crash or just wantto try the capsule hotel experience on your trip around japan no reservations needed here

just come on im and chill out for awhile

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