modern moroccan living room ideas

modern moroccan living room ideas

who says tile should be banished to the bathroom? take it out of hiding and let different surfacesthroughout your house become the focal point. before we begin, please check the descriptionarea first, there are listed all the original projects that exist in this video. 28 creative tile ideas for the bath and beyond,by erica reiling. 1. blue tile flooring. tile floors don't have to be limited to thebathroom. ceramic tiles artfully carry the blue themethroughout this ocean retreat.

2. ceramic wall tile. ceramic tiles adorn the walls of this chicsicilian hotel room. 3. moroccan tiled wall. colorful moroccan tile is an exotic alternativeto traditional wallpaper. 4. tile and wood kitchen. the designers loved this tile so much theyused it for the generous backsplash and the

floor. 5. tile as art. these patterned tiles add color and dimensionto an empty corner. 6. contrasting tile. white subway tile serves as a bright backdropfor this hand-painted floor tile. 7. black-and-white tile.

black rectangular tiles create contrast againstwhite hex tiles in this contemporary bathroom. 8. woodgrain tile floor. less costly and more resilient than wood floors,a wood-look tile in a herringbone pattern offers the appearance of hardwood flooring. 9. mudroom tile floor. tile floors and mudrooms are a match madein heaven, but woodgrain tile elevates the look.

10. woodgrain tile wall. wood tiles warm up a bathroom and infuse itwith an organic element. 11. the chevron-patterned wall and floor employsgray "stained" wood tile to create serenity in this shared bath. 12. traditional backsplash. under-cabinet lighting adds a beautiful glowto this mid-century blue tile.

13. penny tile backsplash. copper penny tile makes this kitchen memorableand gives a reflective contrast to the brick wall. 14. tile behind glass. take advantage of glass-front cabinets byusing tile to create an unexpected backdrop. 15. tile bathroom 'rug'.

this basketweave pattern of marble and blackgranite dots creates an inset tile "rug." 16. tiled staircase. add a punch of color to your entryway witha different tile pattern on each riser. 17. tile fireplace wall. this stone tile replicates the look of concreteto create a modern look for this fireplace. 18. tiled fireplace surround.

inset glass tile ties in this fireplace withthe coastal theme of the room. 19. geometric wall tile. this bold triangular pattern is subdued byits neutral hues. 20. contrasting bathroom tile. neutral geometric tile, white subway tileand light faux-wood floor tile combine traditional and modern. 21.

multicolored tile walls. multicolored kite-shaped tiles pop againsta marble hexagonal tile floor. 22. tile as architecture. green tile in different shades creates a visualdivision for this open-air shower. 23. geometric floor tile. black-and-white geometric tiles give an artfulpop to an otherwise neutral space. 24.

spanish tile fireplace. patterned, multicolored tile is a great wayto infuse an otherwise neutral space with a bit of color. 25. artistic floor tiles. use multiple hues of the same size tile tocreate unexpected variations in patterns. 26. kitchen tile 'rug'. a tile "rug" is perfect for areas where areal rug would get ruined by water, such as

the kitchen. 27. metallic bar tile. while mirroring the back of a bar is a tried-and-truetechnique, using metallic tiles gives you the same illuminating effect but with a bitmore character. 28. blue tiled bar backsplash. using tile as a backsplash for your bar isa beautiful way to separate the space from the rest of the room, and it's easy to clean.

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