designer walls for living room

designer walls for living room

[music playing] even with a limited budget,you can still give your living room or a quick upgrade. here are my three tips forhow you can make it happen and spend less than $100. buying art to fill up thosebig walls in your space can eat up yourdecorating budget quick. but guess what? you have tons of optionsright at your fingertips.

my first tip, simplyblow up and frame your favorite family photos. you can create a majorfocal point by doing this. add symmetry and unifydifferent pictures by turning them allinto black and whites, and using the same style frames. this is hands-down the bestway to personalize your space without spending much money. another great way to kickup the design in your space

is to add a punchof color or texture to the back of yourbuilt-ins or bookshelves. this has a lot ofdimension to a room, and is such a simple wayto add that a-ha moment. we're also not talkingabout a lot of space, so the cost is minimal whetheryou use paint or wallpaper. my third tip is theeasiest one of all. just swap out your currentthrow pillows for new ones. pick patterns that popin a new trend or colors

that liven up your look. new pillows are alow-commitment and low-cost way to give your livingroom a quick update. so whether you'vegot $50 or $500, you can make simplechanges to your space. now that's what icall a fast fix.

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