home design living room

home design living room

hi, i'm ann myrick and today i'm going toshow you how to place living room furniture. there are several things you'd think aboutbut i am not a rule person. i really like to, i'm a decorator and i really like to breakthe rules and just create something different. think out of the box and not have just yournormal living room. this is a very small space and the way, the reason why we created itthis way is it gives you a good, one thing you always want to think about in placingyour furniture is conversation area. so i can have three people sitting on the couchand then two people can be here. what i like to do a lot of times, if there is anotherarea right outside this room where i can put another chair. there's a little antique chairthat i can bring in so i can create a little

bit more seating area. on your, when you workwith placement i always try to work with each chair, having a place to put a cup of coffee.if the person is sitting here they can put their coffee here. the person sitting herecan put their coffee here or here. so everybody in this room will have a place to put a plate,put a cup of coffee if they're drinking anything. you want to think about lights. you want lightsthat are, well you really want a variety of lights. i have two identical lights on eachtable that give me a height with a bright lamp to bring in light. i don't have an overheadso i have two larger lamps on the tables. and then this is more of a mood light witha black shade. you don't get a lot of light out of it. it really creates mood and givesyou a nice little light under the black shade.

in placing things on your coffee table, youwant to be sure if somebody is sitting here you don't want to block their vision and soyou want to put something on your table that's kind of low. so those are things to thinkabout in placing your furniture. you don't want it, in a small space you want to be careful.i think people have a tendency to put too much furniture in a room. so you want to thinkabout do i have too much furniture in here. so work with that, but just play with it andhave fun. add to it, take it away and at some point you'll get to a point where you'll reallylike it. this is ann myrick and that is how to place living room furniture.

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