modern room decor

modern room decor

did huh well you huh huh to complete done million don't be a diy room to prevail because idea i haveprobably not i a true true saying to la you're the onlyguy who didn't know look you 48 now i d and i spent all me working on a hi everyone so that icould show you guys what it looks like and i did doin looking and some of themare headed by

totally entry endlessly cute little website that and all that hard reallyealy and they're pretty created so i thinkyou guys will like that and i hope he doing an official roomtoward probably in like a week or two us cellyou guys legacy tell you if you got lucky an apartment it is sohot here there's not a fan in my room that's theonly thing i don't like his ceiling fan but one card into over there i hope you guys like this video got hitwith higher much turned out to have it

already that i love it upset with me and yeah ithink he will sell if you like comment below and tell mewhat you think and let's go okay when to the first thing i'm going to eatdiy a photo and like paul and user all overtyler and i 11 in my room forest on so i'm taking some my career photos ends on this party thati got from target and i just a little piece divided have and stuck tothe doc on the top and the bottom my photos andi'm hey man on my wall

not really an a particular had but ikinda just hung them up until i like hell the moment demure and %uh in old next i'm going to act alikeand i just got these life from curry and two strand other 10 likei'm going to you command damage free hanging strips tohang them to use these new it a coffee black site at the sticker the law on thetake of the blue side just at a little hope that comes withand then you can just stay whenever you're trying to hang on it soi just got my lights up even bell's and me if my finished products so i

these over my desk and it's so funny youhave all my favorite memory easily i'm working on a video orsomething are sitting at my desk then i cant see all these it dokie the liner go way a next thing i diy don't repeat years to put on mydresser so i got reveal five-dollar mir's from target andthe flames on them where black today flames because i meantframes

but i peter then with goal spray paintand everything is such a great way to completely change the look at something without having to actually like bysomething l spray-painted these near call expectthem not to i just there and i also spray-painted lall love letters had from my older os so instead of buyingnew ones i just repainted them call at top of my dresser and a couple other things and i think itlooks so cute with the gold and its creepy

she's a great anyway to you make themlook a lot more cute than if they were black the d i also i diy december basket so i got my be from the container storeand i'm going to be covering them up make fabricant african be a little bitexpensive and only covering the front gamma and i'm just going tolet the coming up the fabric in t-square steepit right basket

and i'm going to make sure that theright side and then including on it with some es six thousand so i just put thisclinically all around the edges i basket and thesecond batter got and i also went down the edges of the fabric basket just trying to make it a six-year aspossible do tonight shit so once i finished my basket and i justput my stuff

in am so happy for electronic i alsoplayed a lot close and that some companies in this asmanchester and it's nice because they don't have to make my clothes people didanything and you can't even tell but i love it and i think internet socute it's probably my favorite part my room because i love are patternedcolors miss to bad it's got a mind to go to a placesometimes make i am making a trip in los about ablack ribbon and some the scotch mounting squares & going to clean on mywhite wall said just put a little square onthe back eat ribbon and i just epic

2 i'll all and i actually put thesquares going all across the event the it more secure think you're going todo this you are going to need some help probably because you're going to needtheir a-level or a measuring tape or something to make sure that yourribbon it suree and i had the hell in the middle of mywall so i just kinda went around it and he was super easy way it to youspice up the wall out using any wallpaper or anything ialso had some extra minutes i just tied it around my lamps and they had some extra fabric for mybasket so i decided to not make

a pillow case because i had a plane welli like bad i thought it would be fun to have one with this fabric so i just hop fabricstogether inside out and then floated around theright way and shall it be pillow inside second on my bed confirm to stay stockpile so bad eat my doin court video i hope you guys enjoydunno utes also comes at you fast like see ithard to our

800 or and also follow me on twitter &delightfully it down low me know what you think %uh everythingthat i did i yeah in my video do

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