dekoration wohnzimmer vasen

dekoration wohnzimmer vasen

do you still have your old wooden ladder in the warehouse? if you do, then you can turn it into a bookshelf. want to know more? this is 5 ways how to decorate a home from recycled materials by 1. dresser bench the drawers from your old dresser can be turned into shelves, but what should you do with the rest of it? well, you can turn it into a bench.

for this project, you need the skill of craftsmanship because the first step you should do is to take of the front side of the carcass but leaving the bottom drawers. then, you need to add some new material like wood blocks for its backseat, the bench frame, the fabric, and the bench seat. make sure you repaint the bench frame and the carcass before working with the fabric.

2. framed coat hanger if you have extra frame and hangers, you can make this decoration. what you need to do first is simply to take off the background of the frame. then, hang the frame on the bathroom wall and install a hanger on the middle of the frame on the wall. make sure the frame color and the hanger match with each other.

when it is done, you will feel an elegant atmosphere comes from this decoration. 3. folding ladder shelf do you still have your old wooden ladder in the warehouse? simply insert wooden board into each socket and tighten them with screws on the ladder-steps. you don’t have to paint it.

in fact, the original and old color come from your ladder will add rustic accent to your home. but if you want it to be like new, then repainting it is recommended. in addition, make sure the wooden board type matches with the ladder. 4. bulb vase have you ever thought to turn your used bulb into a vase? this is a clever and neat idea while it is

also great to be put on every table in your home. to make one, simply break the top of the bulb first (the black one) and after that you must remove the insides. when you’re done, you must clean the inside with water so there is no dust left. finally, you can add little water into the bulb along with the flower or other plants. 5. mason jar soap dispenser

mason jar is known to be a great material for diy home dã©cor and one of them is mason jar soap dispenser. to make it, first of all you need to cut the head of a soap dispenser plastic bottle. then, make a hole on the lid big enough for the bottle head to enter. then, insert the bottle head in the hole and hot glue it. now, you can attach the pump onto the bottle head. finally, put on the lid back on the jar and

your dispenser is ready to use! done, you just learned view best ways how to decorate a home from recycled materials. come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas like this video, comment it, or better yet, share it with everyone in your social circle. dont forget to press subcribe button if this channel is new to you.

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