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farbgestaltung wohnzimmer graue couch

he saw himself looking downat an impatient eagle's eye he saw himself as a pup abandonedwandering below the eye when are you coming for me? i can’t wait. why? why? it’ll be okay. we could pick... maybe i’m already happy. we could pick a name. i have a few ideasi’ll tell you later.

yup. it’s a secret. sure. i need some sleep, too. fine. okay. i’ll call you again, okay? bye! it’s dark again. walking too fast your eyes were open.

i always count the wagons. -even or odd.-why? a sign if it will work out. what’s going to happen, then? we’ll drink up and go to the flat. if you want. that could work out. secure knot. the lace is tangled.we’re screwed. lace.

-why aren’t there accents in slovak?-there just aren’t. lace. lace lace. are you insane? -pavel’s going to kill you.-sign! -what kind of sign? -is that what you do in slovakia?-no, why? nice place the writer’s got. how does a writer make a living? disability.

-why doesn’t he have a dog?-huh? -if i had a big flat i’d have a dog.-yeah? look! a dog- doggone typewriter. -why don’t i have a typewriter?-because you look pretty. where are you going? pain? kiss my... -pill?-uhuh. coffee?

you’re concise today. -you mean succinct.-no, i mean concise. so? did you do it? damn it! we’re stuck here. be patient. have you been publishing,mr. vesely? i just had something publishedin a foreign magazine. great.has the hard currency arrived? i don’t do it for money.

what’s new otherwise? my author’s copy didn’t come.must be stuck at the post office. we’ll straighten it out. -what else is new?-not much. i’m working. it’s your job to know what’s new. -how’s sykora?-i don’t know. -i don’t see him much.-we heard you did. strange people visit himat the hospital where he works. an amateurish conspiracy.

tell us, damn it! you must think i’m an idiot,but i’m happy. i’d expect more from you, tomas. why do you try so hardto show you’re above things? it comes naturally. he’s got a girlfriend. well, then. sykora’s quite a bird. why not? sykora’s a bird.

-does he want a divorce?-jerk. he met someone.you won’t understand. go easy on us. what’s her name? klara. she drives a crane. i’m disappointed.he was a responsible family man. i gave him credit for that.he doesn’t have it easy. you don’t make thingsany easier for him. you get what you choose. -give me that!-everything okay?

-did they come for you again?-no way! -give it! they’ll come another time. i’m a burden on you and the kids.it might all be futile. don’t say you’re a burden. not you! -bad day?-normal. -you had trouble talking.-didn’t need to. -i’m not complaining about you.-then don’t. i had to do all the talking again. -what’s eating you lately?-nothing.

sometimes it all seems so boring. then everything just pisses me off. you could get yourselfa crane driver. -what?-a crane driver. did you hear him?we don’t know shit about love. the idiot. i like coming here.it’s like the zoo. monkeys get excited when you throwlimburger cheese in their cages. they start jerking off.

someday i’ll try it. a roll with that? if i went overand pissed in the soup, the chick standing therewouldn’t even peep. the tripe soup tasteslike someone pissed in it already. even so, life is good. hey, hey, hey! juantorena! no, no! baby! wait, wait!

give me another one. boys! boys! stolichnaya. -here you are, comrades.-that’s gorgeous. what a treat.i haven’t finished yet. that idiot went to the secretapartment to sleep. have some! if he’d at least gone thereto sleep with someone... but he went thereto sleep by himself. what a jerk. a similar thing happened in hradec.

shove hradec up your... anyone else want something?anyone? a sandwich? -to happy people!-to beautiful people! victory! what do you want? that hair makes you looklike a bearded woman. know what ringo looks like? like this. beatles and olympic are my gods.gods of my heart. it plays here.

potheads. don’t insult them. you don’t understand the songs. i could’ve been a musician, too,but it was impossible. -is it my fault it didn’t work out?-don’t you like our band? band. fellow comrades,welcome to the concert! -wow!-shush! reminisce for a while,

it’s been a few years play guitar in your head,your gang will appear smoke leaves a blue swirl,the tape deck plays on your lap sat a girl, you were so amazed,you were so amazed. and now...your gray mom’s tears fall on the pillow. tonik! that’s not nice, tonda.

just wait.tonicek’s going to sing, too. -cover your ears like this.-leave me alone! my name’s antonin,so fucking call me that. you have to hold your breath, tonik. hold your breath.don’t breathe. no oxygen. no oxygen, tonicek. what’s wrong? there a problem? no. and...

holy shit! you okay? -what are you doing?-what’s up? want to come have another drink? but i am walking too fast! much faster. i can’t understand you. giddy-up, horses! that’s a nasty wound.you’re going to have a scar. who cares? you can stop now.

you’ll destroy yourself like this. right. -this isn’t funny.-am i laughing? i’m leaving. careful. that’s a clean tablecloth. tablecloth. you and your fucking foul mouth. my foul mouth? know what you said? fucking.

antonin? you respect nothing. some guys respect a clean home. most are weasels. i know them. -here’s vesely.-i owe you. give it back tomorrow.i don’t need any trouble. i didn’t think you wanted to comehere. the lady at the desk is a spy. today i don’t care.there aren’t any cops here. -yeah?-i can tell. sixth sense.

-how about him?-which one? -him. he’s harmless. see the limp?a cop would never act like that. -how about that woman?-look at her hair. cops can’t be totally conspicuous. if i left would you run away? -what the...?-tell me something nice. -idiot. what do you mean by nice? like you’d miss me a lot. but i won’t do it.you can’t really leave anyway.

that could hurt you,and i don’t want that. i know i’ll just be alone again. people refer to me as"unhappy and alone." it’s not that simple. driving that stupid cranethere are lovely moments. i feel like no one can hurt me. i disagree. you can run away. there are times i've felt i have. like i’ve been there.

i don’t know where or how,but it happened. i’m here about miss kadlecova. i heard. come on, then. so tell me. where’s she from? a small village.don’t know the name. i know places like that.do you know her well? i met her here.she’s pretty reliable. she doesn’t talkto people here much.

she seems likeyour average nice girl. hasn’t stolen anythingif you get my drift. -so she avoids people?-avoids... -seems she likes being alone.-maybe she feels abandoned. there she is! -why’s she smiling?-how should i know? sign this confidentiality agreement. -what’s this?-it means you’ll keep quiet. do i have to?

hi! sorry. klara, a secret policemanwas asking about you. they have nothing on you,but he did ask about you. -thanks for telling me.-so be careful. tell no one what i said here,especially not him. -if he finds you.-so what if he does? shush! bye! goodbye. -on thursday?-at the latest.

so on thursday...i’ll bring it thursday. -something to drink?-vodka. that a bracer, too? lousy people come to this bar. you need a friend. a big, strong, equipped friend. i feel like doinga good deed today. -it’s dark outside.-yup, again. so don’t hesitate.i could change my mind.

-you’re going to regret that, asshole. -yeah? leave him alone. state police. get lost! id, you piece of shit! -step on it. you’re too slow.-you bet. -they’ll catch me speeding and...-fuck them. -okay. damn. damn... antonin, are you smoking in here?

hear me? i’m talking to you. -may i?-yeah. you hardly have any belongings. can i give you a haircut?your hair’s pretty long. you’d look nicer with shorter hair. okay? -got an opener?-yeah, over there. you’d look prettier. really. darina, you’re drinking my beer.be glad for what you have.

don’t hassle me. what’s wrong? christ, i’m expressing an interest. be glad someone is. there’s someone interestedin your problems. what problems? i saw you with that guy.wasn’t he wearing a ring? -in my opinion that’s a problem.-in my opinion that’s my business. sure. you bet.

he’s going to leavehis wife to be with you. -he’ll be yours forever and so on.-i don’t want to own anyone. bullshit. you can’t understand. no beer. you’re pregnant. come on. i should havehad an abortion anyway. don’t say that. why not? -you don’t know what you’re saying.-since when are you so smart?

you plan everything out. plans get screwed up, you know. what are you writing? a letter to my mom. don’t worry. it’ll be all right. comrade rusnak, come in. excuse me for a moment. i have itready for you. after you. come in.

your interest in herdoesn’t surprise me at all. this is her file. have a seat. take your time. no need to rush. hi! -is he available?-yes. coffee? tonda! sit down. i’m supposed to inhale steam.

tell me. how’s it going? -the usual.-i know that "usual" of yours. i value that "usual" of yours. you proposeeliminating tomas sykora. exiling him. you aren’t takingthe easy way out. i like that. think it’ll work?he always puts up a fight. he has a lover.

he’ll give in.it’ll only take a little push. there are lots of guyswho can handle it. he can’t.not with his personality. if you say so. when i was new to this force we didn’t exile assholeslike sykora to the west. we kept them hereand had fun with them. we did a good job. believe me. times have changed.

rough him up, tonda. make sure he remembers us.make him pay. he won’t forget us. i promise. i’m counting on you. -comrade major.-okay. know what pisses me off most? the jerks that laughed at mein school got me. back in your cages, monkeys!we’re leaving. up we go. -huh?-'night!

-goodnight!-'night! -bedtime already?-cheers! -hi! -finally!-we missed the bus so we walked. that's not so bad. -welcome.-thanks! -hi!-hi! -why are you always so pissed off?-cops got me. jerks from school. we always laughed at them.always will. their children willpiss on our graves.

that’s the awful truth. i’m going to laugh at them all.even that lieutenant. when he enters the room it’s likesomeone turned off the lights. one day i’ll piss on his grave. what do you thinki want to ask you about? think i want to ask about something? can’t think of anything? -neither can i.-so can i leave? you’re going to siton your ass and listen.

subversive activitiescan get you up to ten years. -the whole thing’s a joke.-shut up! i’m still talking. i haven’t told you the good news.you’re going abroad. pack your bags, your old lady,your brats. you’re all going. we’ll get your documents right away.we’ll come wave goodbye. just sign the consent form. you might evenget your life in order there. -i will not run from you.-yes, you will. -because you’re weak.-you know nothing about me.

i know everything about you.you’ll find that out, too. you’re not going to like it. i’m sending you to the slammer.use the time to think. stand to the right facing the wall. -hi!-hello. -what did they charge you with?-subversive activities. they say. impressive. i hit a cop. -nice.-they say... got a smoke?

kadlecova klara. oh yeah, from ziar. slovak like me. i’m in luck! we can speak slovak together. -do you know ziar?-no, but even so. you’re 27. i’m a bit older. we could get along. klara, why do you think you’re here? shouldn’t you be telling me that?

you know tomas sykora.you think you know him well. but do you really know him? what if i told youhe was a criminal? would you be surprised? do you find that funny? i don’t find it funny. subversive activities are nolaughing matter. that is the issue. and you’re more involvedthan you even realize. i’m speaking to you informally.

so listen, or i’ll have to speakto you in an official manner. that might be better. i’m not muchfor informal conversations. as you wish. this is a political issue.state security is at stake. you know nothing about it.all you see are your... my what? let’s not get angry.i’m young, too. i understand wantingto sow your wild oats. okay? but you don’t realizewho you’re dealing with.

this is a big citywith a huge population. lots of interesting men live here. finding someone with a futureshouldn’t be a problem. sadly, i’ve met nothingbut creeps and oddballs here. self-important ones, too.guess i’m unlucky. how clever, missy. wouldn’t want you to be surprisedhow bad your luck can be. -what?-is tomas sykora in? -no, he isn’t. -will he be in tomorrow?-i don’t know. goodbye.

klara? did you call my name? what’s wrong? antonin! what’s the matter? antonin! what’s wrong with you? antonin! what was that? you have to see a doctor. were you dreaming?

i fell in. the panic subsides. try it. take it. try breathing. go ahead. i don’t mind not breathing. -but i couldn’t control it.-i know. the bag is just for emergencies. you have to see a doctorwho specializes in the psyche.

understand, comrade lieutenant? -i see.-meanwhile take some time off. you could spend a few dayswith your wife in the country. -we moved here from the country.-there you go. i’ll give you a referral. rusnak, antonin. -nurse?-yes. ask the personnel departmentwho rusnak’s boss is. get ahold of him for me today.

i can smell the jail on you. you should’ve smelledthe guy who was there with me. what a lunatic! "first time i attack a copand i don’t remember it." terrific lunatic. told me how to makea pick-me-up out of hand cream. they came to get me right then.sorry i missed it. i’ll bet. forget that now.you’re staying right here. -the food’s better here.-hey! -a little.

you’re only mine! how goes the sykora caseyou and tonda are working on? sykora will give in. -i have a hunch.-hunches are important. what’s your hunch about tonda? he’s my colleague. he doesn’t say much. you know him. that i do. he’s our best man.i know him well.

but he hasn’t been himself.i have a hunch, too. the best peoplecan disappoint you the most. they lose their marbles.that’s what i hear about tonda. what are we going to do? we should be sensitive,comrade major. precisely. we’ll keep it in the family.we’ll give him a chance. you’ll take careof him like a brother. a caring and attentive one.

if you see anything, tell dad. understood. we mainly want to help tonda. it would be differentif he didn’t care about our family. if he forgotwho his allegiance is to. we don’t help people like that. we punish them. that’s logical, comrade major. all right.

martin? you will never lose your marbles. right? -i can’t wait until tonight.-why? -why? -because we’re going to do the thing.-really? -yes. because people who don’tdo the thing have problems. then they’re left wondering. see you tonight! yeah, yeah.

we’re just outcastswho can’t do anything else. recently i read a book. the story takes place in the future,where power has absolute control. it is an awful future. small groups of peoplecomprise the only opposition. in the evenings they meet and talk.sometimes they don’t even talk. then someone putsa knife on the table and they all go to bed. yes, this is a matter of trust.

during the night one of themcould slit the others’ throats. but they don’t believethat would happen. if you can do this,you’re still free. we can do it. that’s why they hate us. -thank you.-i can say it in german. no, no. see you soon, pavel.thanks. nice work. see you soon. thanks. thanks.

what went on at klein’s party? yes, parties.that’s something our writer likes. where are you taking me? people do actual work here.that wouldn’t interest you. -what about klein?-hardly said a word. you could display some initiativeand try to get something from them. it was pretty sad. klein kept saying he felt badabout letting people break him. -which people?-the kind he laughed at in school.

i know who was assigned to klein.they don’t seem very funny. did kids at schoollaugh at you, antonin? a kid tried it once. they laughed at mebecause i was funny. i tried to be funny.i wanted to make them laugh. good, huh? what was your school like? -the usual.-the usual? there was a retardeveryone laughed at, then.

-there was one boy...-like i said. a retard. they’re funny. -did you laugh at him?-no. i was more of an observer. what you learn when you’re youngoften comes in handy when you’re old. they humiliate me. -you said they humiliate themselves.-i must have been joking. tomas, i don’t know if you get me. we’re friends and all,but they humiliate me.

-that’s great.-you bet. three kids in a row. -great planning on her part.-you bet. down. -is tonda here?-yup. anicka was in the area,so she stopped by. -sit down. have some soup.-hi, tonda. i was just sayingwhat a nice place you have. the girls and i at home oftensay how milda lucked out with you. antonin does try.

not all girls are so lucky. enjoy! marta holeckova married pepasramek. you remember him, right? you used to go for walksbeyond the village. -whatever did you do there?-nothing much. -boys. he isn’t a good husband.the house is falling down. she was all banged up the other day.claimed she slipped on the stairs. -doubt this is what she imagined.-people usually imagine crap. know what, tonda? the older you are, the moreyou remind me of your dad.

he’s like you.he doesn’t say much. he has eyes like a hawk,yet he’s always thinking. kids are still afraidto go in his garden. you don’t know what you’re saying,but you just won’t shut up. hope i didn’t do anything wrong. it’s ok. the service is tough. sometimes it makes him... -sometimes he’s totally...-hush, now. pepa sramek and iused to go to the old quarry.

we’d climb to the topand jump in the lake. sometimes we were blindfolded. we could have died. we were proud of that. now he's all screwed up. -and i...-stop. -here’s the copy.-thanks. oh, my. your husband tomas sykorahas a lover named klara kadlecova.

she drives a crane. nice work. -but i don’t know how to sign it.-sign an anonymous letter? write "a friend." that sounds respectable. friend? i don’t care about her. then send it from the collective. that way it’s cleareveryone knows except her. stupid cow.

write "enraged citizens." or "girls from the boarding house." yeah, that’s good.that’ll piss her off. i’d feel like a pervert. i’m giving you advice, antonin,and you don’t appreciate it. where are the kids? huh? hi. something wrong?

i don’t know. it’s too much for me. sorry, tomas, but i haveto ask you something. i know they sent it, but still. know anyone named kadlecova? so you do. how about this? the observer writes, "he sleeps withher and lies to you." what is that? sorry.

"sorry" is just what i want to hear,especially since i’ve spent my life wiping our children’s butts andreturning bottles you drank from. you get a break from mewith miss kadlecova. "sorry" is the exact wordi need to hear now. say that again. that’s magnificent. it’s like i’ve been reborn.i’m overcome with joy. should i hurry to the pubto get you a pitcher of beer? anything you need washed?

how about this shirt that’s allsweaty from screwing kadlecova? open up. police. shit! we have a search warrant.step aside. honor of work! that everyone? nice kids’ room. hey, that’s cool. i had one, too.

is this yours, too? do you work? show me your stamps. married life. i know it well. drop it. don’t be so quick to take offence. you should know one thing.we offered your husband a solution. you can leave. the country would berid of you and vice versa. the other problemsmight be resolved, too.

it doesn’t have to be like this. did your husband tell you anything? good evening. i’m liburdafrom the national committee. i’m just a witness. -may i have some coffee?-coffee? you’ll have to scrape itoff the door. i’m not making more. so what?you run around with kadlecova. meanwhile cops are riflingthrough my underwear? tell them to rifle throughher underwear for a while.

-not now.-when else, tomas? damn it! this is all because of you. she should see what it’s like. what are you going to do? right. you’re going to stare at me. pack your thingsand get out of this apartment. go to hell, tomas,and never come back! anonymous letter, huh?i’ll be damned. you’re pretty fresh, young man,but i don’t care.

you can try that on a woman. -i just opened her eyes.-bullshit. -you’re the bullshitter. you bullshit. then youend up in shock. sit down. what were you thinking?that you’d get away with it? -that’s my business.-you’re my business. having fun, aren’t you?you’re disgusting. know that? i’m not having one bit of fun.pack your things and go. i’m not running away,especially not from you! don’t expect me to put you uptoday. you’re going home.

if you still have one, that is. cigarettes. -matches.-no. -a validated ticket.-read the numbers on it. one, three, nine. you wanted to play a game.the top shelf is "one." three and nine is twelve.twelfth book from the left. the time is 1:32. read page 132.

-you don’t remove an untied boat-boat? boat. you can’t heara shadow dressed in fur you can’t overcome fearin a gloomy life that i won’t overcome fearin a gloomy life... -what are you doing?-get to work? coffee’s made. -what’s that you have?-vodka. -he’s sleeping.-and otherwise? he always tookhis commitments seriously.

commitments are serious. do you know what it meansto make your vows in public? it’s a serious matter. don’t say you’ve nevermade a promise. -forever.-i’m free. -as a bird.-like me. -hunt and peck. what’s that?-you interested? no, but the kidswill learn about it at school. bye! i’m going.

-klara?-yeah? be careful. -comrade kadlecova!-yes? what are you doing here? i was there. now i’m going back. are you making fun of me? -you’ve been drinking.-no. you’ve been drinking. so comrade kadlecova,miss kadlecova...

you’re fired. it’s not just your drinking. i refuse to put upwith your bad attitude. we’ll take care ofthe formalities tomorrow. the artist. -twenty minutes, mr. vesely.-don’t shout! you must be on time. if you plan to overthrowthe proletarian government. we just want human rightsfor the proletariat, too.

a lecture! i don’t know which of usis against the working class. klara’s a member of the proletariatand you had her fired. or was that her boss’s idea? oh, please! we have something for you. a gift. with a photo. you look younger in it.

we take a left here. i’m glad you’re here. i’ll open the window.it’s a lovely day. don’t go outside. it’s not safe. -are you being careful?-i am. -i am, dad.-please be careful. i’m careful, dad. please be careful.

i am. it isn’t always easy. sometimes i’m afraidmy head’s going to explode. sometimes i hope it does,but i am careful. i’ve learned to be. there is a power involved. an evil power. they’re just slaves to it. i’ve beaten them down.i keep them at arm’s length.

i try. sometimes it feelslike the power is fucking me. fucking me with fireand i can’t defend myself. sometimes i even like it. horrible. horrible. you can’t fire kadlecova. -can’t do much about it now.-you have to. i’ve told the party organization. the party’s authority is at stake.

-that’s your problem, broad.-never speak to me like that again! don’t you get it yet, cunt? this is not a discussion.these are orders. grit your teethand say, "as you wish." if you don’t, i’ll threatento strike you or even knife you. you’ll give in anyway. so don’t waste my time.so what’s it going to be? -i’ll do what you want!-at ease. dismissed. know what you’re looking at?

i hoped things between us would getbetter, but they’re even worse. i thought i’d be happy here.i’m not. and i don’t even know why. are you seeing someone? no, but i’d love to. -let’s talk.-you’re right. i’ve seen this coming. it would be great if you were goneby the time i wake up tomorrow. if you were gone. what? i’m not going anywhere.

you’re not leaving until morning. watch this. get it now? stop it! i can’t fold these things. tomorrow you’ll have enough time.i’m going to sleep late. fine. fine. what’s new? what could possibly be new?

stupid, shitty things. sleeping better with no kids around? get a hard-on when you need one? chicks believe your bullshit? klara, it’s a bad world,so let me fuck you. is that how it works?don’t you feel pathetic? that’s the only thing you know.you’re nothing more than your badge. it’s your head, heart, and cock. set it aside and see what’s left.

is this what you’re talking about? this isn’t me. i don’t give a damn about anything. what do you see now? tell me what you see now. look at it through your eyes. you can’t see a thing.you’re afraid to look. you don’t want to see it. i look.

i see everything clearly. so clearly it hurts. why stay hereif you can’t handle the pain? why don’t you leave? why the helldon’t you want to be happy? you can’t treat tomas sykoralike that. i won’t allow it. -i can’t work with you.-shut up. patience. the whole sykora affairis partly your fault, mr. vesely. you don’t use the influence you haveover him. don’t be surprised then.

-you can’t...-can’t what? you’re one of us, so act like it. he’s my friend. exactly.have a man-to-man talk with him. explain what he should doand we’ll all be happy. or don’t you want to help him?as a friend? what kind of people are you? lunatics who breathe into bags. do you want to be done?do you? then get out!

get out, you asshole! this country isn’t worth it! what do you want to prove? that you’ll survive it?that they won’t get you? but you won’t surviveand they will get you. what are you waiting for?maybe you’ll find a life abroad. you shouldn’t just thinkof yourself. you have commitments. go home, pack, and flee. if you stay, i won’t respect you.

don’t be angry. i had to tell you. i’m not angry. everyone is so concerned.they know what i’m like. -ever thought about my feelings?-those are not feelings, tomas. it’s a sickness. you’re full ofgerms. klara is one. so am i. this haunted houseyou hide in is a germ, too. this city is a swamp of infections. die if you want. join the losersup here and wait to croak. damn it, tomas!we’re alone here. we’re friends.

quit talking in newspeak. do you want it? they’re stupidfor offering you this. you want it. -don’t you?-i guess. of course i do. please let me be. i can’t expect you to understand. why not? i’m an understanding wife. -i never wanted to hurt you.-what crap! -if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have.-you’re right. i screwed up. should i pretend nothing happenedand forget about everything?

we can leave. make that cop happy.you can’t be serious. sorry. i forgot my partin the story about tomas’ integrity. i don’t want my role anymore.our children are done, too. break up with miss kadlecovaand take us away from all this, or you can say goodbye to us. i never imagined you’d say that. i never imagined you’d betray me. -understand...-i do.

and i’m sick of it. -what should i do?-break up with me. if i were youi’d have done so long ago. -if you were you, what would you do?-i’m just ruining your life. -you have to break up with me.-quiet! that’s my business. leave if you want. don’t ask me tofix anything for you. forgive me for everything. strange he thought i was worth it. i thought it was worthless.i’d given up.

-don’t say that.-the end was odd. that’s good for us. i’ll doll you up. make them alldrool. you’ll have your pick. i need this right now. i said, "new hair, a new girl." i’ll take chargeand everything will be different. -i expected you to be afraid.-should i be? -you’re my handler.-fine. if you want to leave us,introduce me to klara kadlecova.

but she can’t know my nameor what i do for a living. you must be joking,but you don’t know what that is. so you’re jealous. you’re an idiot. but you seem more humane this way. i’m thrilled. what do you think? it’s pretty crazy. you can’t meet klara like this.you dress and talk weird. you must listen toretarded music, too.

i’ll have to teach you. give me a little time. let’s meet next week at threein the cemetery near here. i want something from you, too. i want to read your file on me. -bring it with you.-wow! you have great ideas.almost as good as ours. -did you just make that up?-no, i have a head. and i use it. -what’ll it be?-what choice do i have?

true. we somehow ended up together.right, comrade? stop shooting. weapons inspection. go look at what you’ve shot. they’re really into it.just like their grandpa. do you plan to have children?you should. straightens a guy out. -my wife and i split.-i heard. i’m not happy about it. -did she find out about the whores?-i don’t do that anymore. -oh? then i should worry about you.

any hope you’ll make it right? i don’t want to. i should say something different,but i understand. we have it tough. we protect the others, but we aren’tlike them. we’re different. what can you do? -how’s work, tonda?-i’m managing. the service is more than a job.it’s your dad, mom, old lady. remember it isn’t a whoreyou fuck, pay, and forget about. anyone who fucks us will pay big.we don’t forget.

pulls a bit to the right. think on it, tonda.remember what they taught us. fiery heart, clean hands, cool head. my head’s cooler than ever. comrade major. i understand. so much so that it makes me mad. can’t i fantasize? everyone does.

-don’t say you don’t.-i guess i do. i’d like to leave, too,but they won’t give me the chance. we write to each other. if you want to readhis letters, you can. not really. or do you think it would be wise? if we were wise,we’d have different worries. come on tuesday evening. we can grieve together.we’ll enjoy it.

-you’re irresistible.-i know. -guarantee i’ll never see him again?-calm down. the file is proof. we’ll both be rid of him for good.you don’t have to fear him now. he’s just a lunatic.he must be a total wreck. trust a professional.now’s it’s just routine. what about our other agreement? this is for you. come to my place tomorrow night.i’ll leave you two alone there. i’ll think of something.

don’t think of trying anything. no need to scare me. i’ve always been afraid of you. see that? it’s so puzzling. all because of an ordinary girl. -what’s with you?-you should go. run along. so here you are. i’m going drinking.

-really?-i need to talk. you’re the only guy i can talk to. that’s a compliment coming from you.the major says you’re our best man. goodbye! you’re up there, too.come. my car’s here. perfect organization.trust a professional. i’ll look for the vodka. what happened here? i was looking for something.

a li-... a lighter. i don’t smoke. i forgot. look. it’s against regulationsto take it home. this isn’t my home. put the safety on, martin. it could go off accidentally.

what do you want to do? drink. to us, martin! to the good life, as you say. -funny, huh?-it’s embarrassing. what do you think of me? you’re capable. talented. but you’re one of those people who,

how would i put it... when you enter a room, it’s likesomeone turned off the lights. that was good. you make that up? it was good, and yes, i did. you keep putting me down. sometimes it pisses me off, tonda. it’s not fair. -hey, are we colleagues?-what? -are we colleagues?-what else would we be? of course.

good. ever go to work in the rain? -yeah.-when it was raining stones? stones? right. it happened to me. first you try to avoid them.then you don’t give a crap. you’d never get where you’re going.so i don’t avoid the stones. it’s painful, but who cares? -understand?-not for shit.

that’s okay. martin, are we colleagues? we’re colleagues. you bet. we’re colleagues. -we’re colleagues.-yup. is this the place? is this is where... get up! -act rational. don’t make it worse.-do i look rational?

what did i do to you? leave me alone! antonin, it’s only my work! it’s only my work! yours, too! you get various assignments. please! shut up! i’m still young.my life is just begin... then enjoy the shit if it mattersthat much to you, little boy!

-satisfied?-do you care? -what would you say?-that i don’t care. nice and clean in here. just like home, comrade. lots of books. hell of a lot. good ones? i’m trying to read your prose. satisfied?

at least i have written proofof what idiots you are. think you canfile a person into a report? bureaucratic pride.one day you’ll pay. you wrote most of the reports. i’m at war with you.you don’t understand that yet. wouldn’t want you to ruin your eyes. "when he enters a room, it’s likesomeone turned off the lights." nice. i don’t know which of us is proud. -i just...-shush...

our friend can’t make it. we’ll make a deal without him. it would be wise for you to go readelsewhere while i take care of this. to hell with what happens then. that’s all i need from you.is that too much? so get going! and klara? do you care about her? there you go.

see? you can do it. it suits you. pavel had something pressing.he’ll be back. -should i come another time?-no. the reading material is ready.you’re to wait for him here. the papers are in the living room. that’s okay.the living room’s there. i know. i’ve been here before. your reading. a painting.

i see. a table. i’ll bring you some refreshments. refreshments? we should be on a first-name basis. i’m robert krahulik,pavel’s friend from far away. that’s not important. klara. -have we seen each other somewhere?-doubtful. i’d remember.

go read. interesting reading? letters from a friend. -why do you read at vesely’s place?-you mean pavel’s? he writes to pavel. not to me. can’t be much of a friend. does he ask or write about you? -i see.-i don’t like your tone. what tone?

-like you know everything.-i can see you’re unhappy and alone. -i’m asking you to cut the crap.-i’m unhappy and alone, too. are you suggesting we shareour unhappiness? no, thanks. i wanted to say there’s nothingwrong with being unhappy and alone. just learn to appreciate it. i did. everything’s beenmore colorful since then. -colorful?-this morning i was in the woods. like seeing trees and hearing birdsfor the first time. an experience! -i don’t understand.-obviously. you weren’t there.

too bad. sometimes i’m surprisedhow everything comes together. i don’t know that feeling. it’s amazing. i’m going to the kitchen. come talk to me later. this came together. what’re you thinking? i don’t think.

thinking creates a chasm in me. at times i fall in. i don’t like it. not surprising. now i see a glass maze. this candle is in the middle. it’s reflected in your eyesa thousand times. what do you see? this place. it was my place. i came here to hide.

if everything were so simple. it is. -you can’t expect anything from me.-this is what i expect. don’t be afraid.nothing else is going to happen. it’s all over now. i guess that’s how it should be. -i’m leaving.-don’t go. sorry, but this is pointless. i was in a state. it takestime for my body to catch up.

this is the only time we have. it was enough for me. let me go. can’t stop thinking aboutthat fucker, can you? what the fuck do you think?you’re not going anywhere! you cocksucker! you’ve no idea what i could’ve doneand what i didn’t do. klara, what’s with you?want to smell shit until you die? those pitiful, stinky feelings? he left because he was afraid of youand wasn’t good enough for you.

-that’s a stinking lie!-the lie is over. brace yourself. let me go. i don’t need you now. need? what crap!you don’t know shit. you drive your crane thinkingyou’re immune to what’s below you. wrong. there are monsters belowthat are plotting against you. -what in god’s name do you mean?-why do you come here to hide? the “classy” writer uses everyone. he turns on everyone. he’s a rat. he got you. he thinks he got me.

he got the asshole that cried to youabout his guilt for fucking you. i punished the pig. someone had to.it was the easiest thing ever. -still think you had a relationship?-what are you talking about? about the two of us. we’re different.we don’t belong in this shit. you’re here for a reason. you just don’t seethe mess you’re in. i’m here for a reason, too. i’m pushing it all aside.i don’t care if i get dirty.

i’ll protect you. my hands are clean. i have cool head and fiery heart. touch it! grab it! crush the glowing swine! -water!-get out! my name is antonin. antonin rusnak.

i felt someone watching me. never do that again. you’re the chasmi don’t want to fall into. have fun? i hope you loved it.you’re fucked. they know everything. -you must be pleased.-you bet i am. you always have a plan. what is it? -you’ll get a longer leash, you dog.-i’d agree to that. i’ll gladly helpthe swine devour each other.

drop me off by the river. -here’s the river.-already? -wasn’t that quick?-not at all, colleague. know what i wanted to say? that i got you and it hurts. -hello?-is that you, tomas? i have news about pavel. oh, so you’re... sorry. a mess.

go to hell! you think you know something. you don’t know a thing. is this me? this is just a body. a pathetic body. a shell. one day it’ll turn to dust. the reports you wrote about meand those i wrote will turn to dust. you will turn to dust.

i don’t live here. i live up here. eternal things are born up here. this head is ready for eternity. "swine" watch the stairs. klara! -klara!-darina, what happened? i don’t know... -can i go with you?-yes.

thank you. they’re coming. get up. your rank was lieutenant. your name: antonin. you want her to remember your name. you forget. you’ve been here. the sky is burning. it’s beautiful here.

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