farbgestaltung wohnzimmer konfigurator

farbgestaltung wohnzimmer konfigurator

darts has grown so much we have played small tournaments game is only over if double has been hit it is a precision sport it is a family sport you spend your leisure time here there is party, ramba zamba and good atmosphere all about having fun

that you can finally be the way you would like to be so darts must definitely go to olympia it's simply the best sport if you hit triple 20 once... ...you feel like king! so we love darts darts is no longer just a pub sport but a modern mass phenomenon but not everyone knows that

darts still has an image problem and we want to change that we are timm and lukas and we want to bring darts into every living room but what are we actually doing now? buying individual darts is a science itself... the search for the right items can cost more time and nerves than your own tax return

as a normal human you are simply overwhelmed by the endless selection and you can't see how the assembled darts look like at the end itâ´s like buying the cat in the bag necessity is the mother of invention therefore we are building the world's first dart configurator

to make darts shopping a real experience go to mydartpfeil.com youâ´ll get your own individual darts in 3 quick steps (step 1) ...choose between soft or steel darts and start with the barrel afterwards you can choose between different weights, lengths, diameters and surfaces. (step 2)

now you are looking for a suitable shaft combine different materials, lengths, colors and let your creativity run wild (step 3) finally, you can design your own flights decide freely about color, shape and logos or upload your own design to give it a completely personal touch your individual darts are ready then!

order directly, get dartbox and simply throw beautiful.

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