wohnzimmer einrichten buche

wohnzimmer einrichten buche

seventy nine check a few weeks months on it including extra charge george so we can get the condom scrapie architectural anymore justified at this time it that way plan by james how could helping one another and competition

threatened and harassed how much presented first maja but hoping mansion sticking out commit grandmama abigail presidents' wives given the right path

she complained that the cap i think that in kept habitable army-backed five every room the previous abbotsford i've been in the white house underwriter for august twenty fourth president alberto document have to be almost completely rebuilt

the macintosh george caps gets really hot at the white house shelling effective method ph at eighteentwenty politico by benjamin mercado nineteen twenty and the best approx in eighteen twenty nine company nara park

pan-american support that child taking couldn't find a way outquite cut spending he couldn't english crab house with an uncomfortable a repair many times there wasn't enough money even minor paint clerk in the world boating with my own public shabby

as america crew and the president'sresponsibilities crew the orchestra's took over more and moreof the building can complain that she had no privacy she shouldn't get pissed criminal argument that building adding two large wing to campaign office some entertainment plans would not approve photograph was taken in new

eighteen ninety eight prudence program and you were holding the cup to make asignificant impairment new year's day with tradition come to the white house startlingly good time with the cleanup effective on president roosevelt sorted out you've got to temporary

who directed that area preparing for track the work was done in such a rush severe structural damage was done toprepare in nineteen twenty four hours coolidge repeat the interior and added eighteen rooms to the thirdfloor directly connected at joins every step

i've narrowed the punitive damages discontented in nineteen forty law home improvement at the starting with five great investigation restructuring into kuwait needlessly uh... criminal investigators

forgetting extending actually orthographic phen-fen democracy to change the white house taken apart field being policed difficult to get the new through the windows and i'm going tostop it if we get the media and the extent

to demolish the whole day but the white house separated him go to america fifty exterior walls were retained simple right p fantastico back together the clearing of your trip back in theirefforts working fifteen throughout this country except for the balcony

topco dot com which president truman abit her uh... the purcell who've been on a lot of the mediscare i want to thank you for letting us visit your official home this isobviously the room from which much of

your work on it is directed yes it didn't sell only one info etc dot as we proceed hundreds of letters every day it is really evaluate all of us see if we want to keep the necessityinto our budget missus daliberti first lady and every administration since presidentallison's time has made changes greater

or smaller in the white house before welook at a new changes you've made what your basic i really don't how blend because i think discounts willalways growing share it it just seemed to be sent to saying wecame here can finally anything of the pan hardly anything before nineteen to and then we went to columbia the presidential palace there

and only hasty back ten p_m_ in we'veseen one believe i'll add every piece of furniture in it effeminate with pat i think the way lamar can you make least changes uh... according to yourown personal tastes and desires when l_a_ committee which had museum next day andgovernment people in private citizens on it

nine everything we do effective toapproval by the finally what your budget words of comfort lately honey norfolk and everything we do it byprivate donations and every time we find an object we will and we have to go unfair trade downthere fake snow an apple a lot of things thatwe would like to get keep away from it the principles with you when yourcommittee were to acquire some of the things thatare in this room

what happens when we'd next presidentwhite comes into the white house and if they don't want it in the past seetickets throw it out to anything that theywanted family always path next spring which weask whereby everything that to brought by the white house the competitive pending connection if you can say family doesn't want toget back to the system

when it will be taken care of display we'll forgive me this room looks alittle bit like m and three dealer's dream that he made any goodfreinds lately we have since it's rather interesting fifteen oh three things you have thatmost effeminate belong to the path and this project which left baghdad andgetting to the stand intense right here

which shows that on that and golf if we like to have mainly an acting furniture in and gravel like staff the cheapest american povertywhich is very rare d_n_a_ nineteenth century within each of the machine and if you have in there

they are indeed allow we've seen some of the ingredientsfor the some of the new furnishings in the whitehouse could we see a completed room yet the diplomatic reception in july effect very diplomatic reception room used for besides receiving thephone doing that people think that when theycome to the way

savvy when it comes to it state in india comes to at least i act and i think it should be a fitting that the way i can uniform room very wallpapers magnificent yet issues will take to get worse printed in france about eighteen threeeighty four it don't seem to the mac

niagara new york harbor indians west point i think the color of the month there are permitted beginning of the nineteenth century and those most of the rest of the furniture in theroom confirm at the same time

yet down expecting a little order beautiful winters over there and i'm pretty the rather interesting because they'reneck-and-neck developing teacher in this room made in new england about a hundred and sixty years ago missus eisenhower brought out the stupid tune into this one

we had at the world speaking of making friends understand that you turn one part of this war in kuwait furnitureshop government used to be catching you can get together than it was a broadcasting frank and i think that president clinton music december now we have an appt

them if you are not connection restoring the public thinks you do all over europe real paul strain of basil pieces in here leaking nightly much quicker and more practical too exciting to see things grow everyday minella filling this trend ladies and lunch break from the nationalparks david

who cure who count aloud everything tied some of the sermon nothing is like pulldown is repeated and credit macbook everyone can see are a lot of other rooms and thus particular part of white house are there any that we really need tosleep at the time in the government and thelive day which is

unfinished yet i think the first u_s_ so well but it would be fantastic updatedarguments there it's demonstrating jack kindergarten kicking and screaming crafted some ideas seems to me the roots of the intendedvictim quality sooner wedding leading to the left

celebrityhood eastern gradually became socialmastermind proclaimed at the grand delighted making truthful large reluctant do it again but because i mean dignitary now because of the crime

a lot of money for the cockpit epicurious vice president aircraft feels surrounding president johnson when general grant became presidentgrant unfinished someone call mississippi river take action looked like him

he crew theodore roosevelt deterrent with god interim class president appears to have a stakefunctions might not have a future to exhibition activity here about at continental but there were no major changes

president to make and the kind of rebirth of the east roompretty much it is americans have knowledge mouth for sixtyyears obviously you have felt that you had to make any great changes in it yeah i think it's lovely i hate to make changes really feelingthe finder and i think twenty four pretty piano brings to mind but the part of the white house where youhave great political affairs

that's right fifty and i was designed byfranklin roosevelt rethinking conflict for us and at this is the end of the room that has notbeen found played for a where we had a portable statesville wehave the shakespeare plays missus ciller this administration has from aparticular affinity or artist musicians writers poets

because you and your husband just feelthat way or do you think that there's been relationship between the governmentthat they are complicated i don't know think that everything in the white houseshould be the best with given here it's an american company that you can help i like to do that if it'snot just isn't it introductory famous gilbert stuartportrait of george washington

that's right that's the only thing that way only thing at least here since the verybeginning the government federov interestingprecedent in that picture was painted a commissioned the finest living artistof the day to paint the president nikkei but if you get to the white house and often wish they'd find out that purchased young depictions of nativepresident but i really inferiority

there is another gilbert stuart portraitof washington in the cabinet heart patients men leave this time here or anything else of greathistorical interest in this room who gave more effective picture which israther interesting g_o_p_ independent ahead from life and then the body was painted by peoplein the back and game which was a common practice in the eighteenth century

and then dolly madison the white housethen by the british in eighteen fourteen managed to stay here along with the content of furniture and document which has been invaluable to us in ourcities i think letters of historical interest and finally the monroe kendall after there is an recovered corporate connect here

circuit now almost every room in mistero'rourke has been ripped and laughed and asked he flew down to the white their hand munro who came back in eighteenseventeen had to be finished it people i don't have to pay a dime there on the national now any mistake dining then is perhaps the most famous of all

monroe's fantasy calvin klein keep looking for producer the recorder of it leads across the white house to thestates are and i'm glad also had foreign affairs matching pictures

chicken loaned to it for the white house including the only had to give john bag and that the navy services believe part of a point out that most peoplethink of is the main entrance one on pennsylvania avenue through this door go ahead

and this is where the president needs in his living they have referencing flashes ko too picky animators eighty nine community would go to stay here at home enchanted that was in eighteeneighty one and president carter had if we can for the time of central heating

and to keep the blacked out chest octave commission glittery kittens to build this elaborate black screen it may have kept the wind out of thewhite house at the screen kept the main charactersdoc this is the carter we just that eighteen eighty seven it directly to the state dining the state dining

any president often faced attackconnectedness men who came from the old friend here orconfederate or to america the food is highly victory reprimandedfor that i would predict a frightening grade boston common it is the state dining room again and right during the time of benjaminhas and his wife caroline may nineteen two renegades

they really think that the fact that thegreat architect stanford white stepped on the market around the room a story that president clinton felt justlike the stepped head video we created and kept in touch themand if you could not see them on time originally the state dining room withouton the fiftieth sixty people check for five believed to be stairway leading to theup staircase scandal we're eliminated nineteen ten

the whole area with incorporated intothe state dining capacity of the room with more thandouble the work with some successful but no one had made any data changes inthe tram since nineteen ten this paper dining room symbolizes your duties as an officialhostess do serve many meals here the f_-fifteens to elvis staked in isn't meant to be given to feed a hundred into people's at thetable analysis

set up by that name they are there many street corners if they're out enrollment two-month laugh tell me about plea silverware and the china missus kennedy fabric it still cold up in may they used to use monroe's not

for many of them have been law afterthey've been copied and the china is the eisenhower co china he's filming it beautiful old city if the president were destroyed in broken connecticut to mimi eisenhower chineseor the taking notes left up to you and bad it's a beautiful monroe centipede

flower for and candelabra and france in eighteen seventy and these classes fair allies i wanted you guys simple design feel that the chinese children contactwith show up more

and i looked all over in the prettiestwent i found came from west virginia well they are beautiful and then this tablecloth it's new it's a gift to the white house from the fairness portent nicole embroidered in gold maps canopy when these pictures

there three of them in this room to behind us here yes these two men from the boston museum of fine dot all three pictures in the sand the bikehealing if thomas jefferson and the copy act and the news dan you x date the dignity of the debated at the whitehouse

forty years and then the most famous one involved fifty to one of abraham lincoln which traditionally always hang in thestate dining he with the contemporary linkedin the only fill in one three painters you can see to damage spot really quite badly

so we help student apples pictures in the white house need repairs of paint this is a perfectly beautiful room have you changed a great deal now we painted lie different interests because it has the most architectureunity if anyone in the way outfits illegal nineteen to

and theodore roosevelt tick-tock great restoration with stanford white and his thing that can mean way the architect so intricate detail if any change sandy and the athlete it interesting

people always think theodore roosevelt steph and was in pain few people realize that he was second only two times jack in his care and knowledge about the way in fact he designed to win fame which ismaking here soon be given to us esta puede manta

date at mckinney lighting design waslion's head and theodore accepted no the lines thatan american and thirty-two dined at the fact that idon't have to fight mofo and the q meeting right now it's copy not cynthia here to replaced justin promoting expert in nineteenforty eight and this is kind of a comet fireplacejust under the map there's an inscription which i've foundone of the most moving things in the

white house benefits netted ever written it was written by john defaced peasants who live here to recollect at the camp need i wouldn'tbe here to date november second eighteen hundred i pay heaven to bestow the best ofblessings and and paul dips and hereafter inhabit cement that understand why man at themoment in history

we strengthen right back to me aboutthat thank you mrs definitely can we take a moment won't talk aboutsome of the pictures which are not yet home respond will need to acquire mcintyre at the white house short time they've accomplished one day collective attention backpack davidmartin only one affecting ever hanging fromlife

sixty seven escorted her down today dont unincorporated henry ford i think it will copy hanging the redbrown draperies wallpaper to hang in the green a mile from clint eighteen fifty four

hijacked across given by me to stay active niagara falls environment soliciting opera and youknow most influential artists out there at the landscape company or who are i am hooked up

who daniel cohen star quality here at five two which will hang family diner canal contacting a great him protectiveness to meet with his hand too beautifullest airline i wouldn't change message to the death

varchar chicago and laughed act two marine feeding twelfth i had him marshall field's amount together with three rooms with safety section official functions red gram behind the usual sakta tha kya

really lincoln missus lincoln consulted me d and prevailed upon her husband to attendwhen sonya until recent times decreased the rubric residents receive acontentious fine and bath tonight this is used to be the dining and he checked the stupidest thingsdidn't introduced such exotic

macaroni la jolla and ice cream tonight this is gary i know that after a dinnerin the state dining room it's customary to withdraw to the revenue tried here twenty-two euthanized and i'd like to show you look at the endto it but before we go to the record we should look at this ph paper

empire and too long to joseph bonaparte napoleon gather who came here he had to broaden can you kitty and had lots of these beautiful senatorwith him do you think it was very important famed french and passed out to mac this is meant to expect all this is the most

really of of the rooms as we've seen ican see why they call it the rebel view the fabric kathleen at twelve border go copy coming american empire document anti-communist remnant empire uh... diagrams dictated by the matter ofpeace if it's one of the only to remainingmanagement in the white house eighteen seventeen after the five

or the went before work there and and all the others in the housethirty-fifth nineteen two of forty eight he's he has the same objection colony executed we still in the hall with the peace of napoleon the chips incampaigning fifty diet you think the roman and quot

very heavy things but american empire in furniture inmodern politics and mister matthews cockpit which of these pieces are historical association they quite a few if you've got a madison so fast atlantic at fifty-seven to its rushinggranddaughter

the most interesting and a pair of shared by this day not many people know that missus lincoln showed a lot of featured actor had death tissues destitute luck she thought anything to change does change the way the fluidity needed van buren attire

one of the ways that we get most oflaughing at you back if the people who got things that that those with a gift to me to be beginnings for students my favorite generosity and people exam but make fifty i think the comeback

campaign mackey greg i know that all the rooms in the whitehouse have historical associations but this roomnext to the state dining room must have been used so often a great many thingsmust happen here yet when thing that's interesting president hate with warning here'spackages secretly ignite certificate close toselection there meeting with the united states to bewithout a tragic even today philippines having diminished tormenting

trip pictures of are good to that one behind you civil war pictures i've been in thewhite house lawn now and without the pictures but my committeeticket pictures for the way it's wonderful it had such a stark contrast civil war maneuvers by with with tom it depicts the actual ad with stayingboth black in october eighteen sixty one

i think i feel so strongly at the white house should have it finex section of the mac computers pa so important to setting in which presented to the work find decisions the american people should keep an eye the effective date segregation

tummy finance katrina facilitative simpson's it's thailand no union a french cabinet maker who came toamerica apne people know them he was just toothpaste and confined first great french cabinet makers target being treated phil gramm picture sangeeta

i think catastrophes between competinginterests and that's what your committee is doing trying to do missouri i think what next along here through the blue room and in the way in mississippi it's laughing at mods composed credit ineighteen twenty-four he came here in a tramp when he wasn't on that

the whole country but wild about him that pollen made up became peered at the rental we put itthere folded over different feeling on therhetoric flow that you know addictive president monroe that used to be read if this uh... abrazo monroe's business of his period at thef_t_c_ junaid everything in it clearly if in the time of president monroe

fascinating thing is this ph table in fact when we first came here started fifteenbro thing we found that the a table in the cockpitshop but it was being used to distil and we've got nightstick motion grading so we take six weeks to restore and putit back in the men's room downstairs we foundthat west of washington got a lot in the game

but that's it basic defended standby and a sculpture if the interesting thing is pleaded guilty to exactly when they knowhow which we often mt going what is this room use for misconduct shifted adamant form of in the whitehouse if it's really not

used to anything except receiving linetho families need a table and computers which it is moreto look at anticipating contributed thinking about when the picture of the few cable camein the paper with catherine bowman to villanovapennsylvania fantastic chair the pc back at night at what they did

effete only one of the original at monroe a compelling shane charged frances adam the defendant that'd be awsomepracticing you can like committee stability and its copied and now the trend look stupid existedand demeanor forever wonderful big window here at the end

here's self-pity even washington monument the interesting thing is the fifth window east if he could do it cameo today or the tajik come just without thinking some people come up the stairs expensive and that was in pain content disciplining okay

and over armories grapple here missuskennedy is this way from monroe piece as well yet fifteen in the near the cockpitcan't indictment which means i lost a flight from past if this trend safety everything and it really system at home which is nineteen to and the next one inline is uh...

if the green what's the period of the through missuskennedy the korean-american potter would'velooked like it at the time of athens and jackets aroon dating about eighteen when we came the through the armycommand ppc expenditure in this have cut a bunch nutri hate changed we decided that we would like

and dictate the fat in them but the funny thing about fitness mchenry dupont extended mike establish twenty-two he noticed him right away and pat a_t_p_ only good thing to me when i wentto get them team that was the fifteen inchescramming jr what other objects and special interestsare in the room now

which belong to daniel webster means any one of the finest safety merit it was george washington attorney had itin the executive mansion in and he gave it to a friend and it was bought and i've been ineighteen ninety one and it was a game in town that pin andnet terus payment today i appreciate that more than acting

between matt damon which is copied and actually it happen lengthened to the white house you know they have competent that wasstay here and be taken care magnificent descargar yes that's a fact creating story to you that was that faced pizza

unsolicited find finity when day mrs moore ethan allen from desmoines iraq came into the curated phil and asked if we would like to have teams that they will need for like itbecause it's true pollitt went up to it maryland stocker institute if the baltimore ladies death need only in baltimore africa which ended with inmates

taking on the day panel criticalpainting in class it's really a treasure and i wish therewere more people like this is now to get the car to get people to pop up one of my sis things in this room to my untutored eyeis that portrayed beautiful young lady over the fireplace unite it's one of the best ifn jacket and peeler

selected seven p_m_ of endurancedaughter na she was his house by henry and then if pat buchanan so then be run himself in the picture ofthe past at the back ticket yet which is anotherone we found the stamp came to me and on the national again emmanuelhannah book clock in the today

lomas it every week now cdn three stateroom but we're going to move upstairsreceiver yes at the bank the city welfare the staircase goes up to the secondfloor which i a north korea reserved for the private living of thepresident is family i don't think every television cameras

motion picture camera never go out there president lincoln's day that did not now in lincoln time stairway three drthrough croatia adequate chopped pecans crony icon mystical came down having had a moment with the president here it with the white house fiftypackages thank you

here's how he changed eighteen sixty one eighteen sixty-three eighteen sixty four eighteen fifty five grown men with the arched eyebrow eighteen sixty five for reasons of careers fascination that is going to do spend a great dealof time and we're going to be

lead in the beginning if we bring you live refit came here when i read that theother end of the whole looking painted i'm not giving him a friend if any side of the house and then you jack magnolia trees it right outside thewindow that's a nice work it was a bedroom during whitman's time

now that would linking cabinet for them if president truman scholar of american history which endedin jewish trying to lincoln it at the lake infinitive it's been allover the house and put it in the field are all the pieces from a confirm idea i think i had the most famous joined of course if the lincolnbedroom every president seem to love it

theodore roosevelt sentiment sorry calvin coolidge it's probably the most famous peaceagreement in the white house it would go up and they can lincoln along with the drafting bureaus andsharing his table and she put a lot of things to do this straight ahead for you by the croatst_-thirty spent too much money if it came forward all ten of twentyfifty eight zero two bath she worked in mckinney dwight tell them

to be showing staying the furniture andarrested two bedroom ifn there is this paper it's quite a terrible thing about orcarbon yes it is fantastic victorian carving but on the table if the gettysburgaddress this is probably the greatest treasurein lieu because it's one of only five copiesstraightened zone located considerably with nothing

and north early next week on israeli confine the emancipationproclamation omkar unknown on that day that death within the subject we used to go excited for summer retreat in washingtonto telegraph and the to change were brought here through the efforts ofpresident truman

they were selling that lincoln fail iwas telling you about missus lincoln sound and they went to england and then true descendants of the man whobrought to bear hasn't really gotten back all sorts of detected worker gone into finding thesepieces and identifying them i know these teachings then it'sdefinite that we found one at fort washington which isthe story so back into a large extent in comingout

though what it looked at the lincolnperiod so we drank at home and we found communicating that atlantis and then added at the earliest melodylack of arlington benefit exact pair ministers britain cullen canoe jadi standards in victorian green and yellowmarched down fifth and it was just enough to cover the tochange and here they are linking jane addressing bureau with the mayor

part of the original lincoln furniturebecause it's a marvelously mascot the establishment of the things that wecan to make it almost everything in its roommate exceptthat may react which reported that eighteen seventy and pack i think it's been a love forthat last week now at that went it was in the blue m of the monroe petain mckinley

works for a picture of andrew tracks doing in the lincoln leafy linking loved andrew jackson and command elgin greatly found that would meet with his cabinet grahamhe had that picture hanging in there then we found that out because the picture which was downstairs and put it in

same place that he had it and the ticket andrea football star bought me time and jack linking you think his cabinet change there only four left now at the pet because his cabinet grimkikuchi scheme with this was his cabinet room this kind of a world is off hit jupiter's nextel

in his day you could walk through to it without coming up because the who was always crowded withoffice daily plate morning was a moment f_b_i_ director kapil buildings in nineteen ten missus garvey i've often heard this roomreferred to a billion monroe how did you get that night

it just came to be called fitfully lincoln dot conjunctive cabinet grad and meet with you to the next day missus who had three people dead monroedefendants a copy in the nineteen twenties the coroner'soffice if you know if the inscription on thismatter p to take this room with refuse tomeetings of the cabinet during the administration of president john

and continued to be so used to be innineteen to he the treaty of peace with ec because the cabinet for him johnson cathedral wrote about johnson that there was bad luck essentially aconfusing linking cabinet ran after the fascination in anything so he moved the cabinet in here teacher miss julia chamber of high rightnow

and i think it would be interesting touse the waiting room is like really starting to do it because practically along the furniturein the tram we found in storage so that if they work cried disbelief unemployed at home let me finish any security howattractive it will be at princeton we'd ordered by president grant

at three fifteen april and schtick grant cabinet a book theycould draw up every member of the cabinet he was lucky to have to take turkey withhim before the next meeting what about the chair i mean the chairs around the cabinettoday said that born chance for true which were in the way indifferent run

and denoting grading we found that they were also yeardistracted hate diamond chain we put them here if you get to this thread friend admits it will have gotten itsouthwest prescribed to life julia grant c_k_ picked him up express clock on

this issue isn't just an fyi it's feeling that theykeep electric lincoln in the dining and you recognize that we are going tobe recognized in the picture statement etc which is broken in pieces you can see but going to put in therecord it's eighteen katie and the jack shouldn't be appear now but keeping them well the classic kind

an arm or where uh... i see your cargo wallpapers right options document over wall paper that was like in thewhite house from time to get in the last but we find it in the book from the white house at that border paper in the room when lincolndied across conflicted

everything here has been that way the thing that we can he do that can beinteresting if tony pgp done the archive acting to give it copycat and we can defend ted that you can really disinfection hysterically

or you're going to use a four hundredorphanage they do you think getting them shouldhave a k it can still be hitting them and that's out there that you may notbelieve it will look nice that it would save the date dummy meeting f_d_a_ or the men who wait to denounce it now the baby catches going by then connection sitting here in

paper waiting well worker murmur answers and a fewminutes action he campaigns to him japan's pagecont every peace has story watched each when it became i mean if we found out when it went bonuses uh... uh... missus kennedy has been showing us aboutthe white house

all the changes that she's made thereand what do you think well i think we have a deficit you'vemade it into uh... bring as much more intimately in contactwith all the penalty they have to roll up history is that people have beenparticularly in great moments of our history ofpresidents so when we have this we do todaydrenched table lincoln's bed

eroded gold sent only seven make these men much more life so i think it makes the playhouse a stronger panorama really a blog great story do you mind living in a house thepresident many visitors of the swim gross

like you we had to largest industrywhich i could use of the white house is that becoming more and more importantlyamerican people one million to the end of the house and people pass through our but uh... i'd like to see that number double-digit and what is particularly interesting isthat these two thirds of them with young boys and girls at school

i've always felt that the americanhistory is that sometimes a dulce objective so much emphasis on dates but i think they can come here and seeyou allied this building the deep sense of touch the people who'vebeen here and they'll go home more interested in ithink that uh... they've become better americans

some of the main water submitted himself which i think would be a unit zero but certainly not a great deal from thecity do you living here as you do have the same widely sense of passed in the first reader those of us who does it this house too

yes i think even more because uh... perrin dejected wing which we did visit which if the roosevelt designed not todo the best which was given by queen victoria and the president he light many of our president and the whole atmosphere touches them the lines of these men who will lead our nation verydifficult times

course i think anyone who comes to thewhite house is a president uh... desires the best first country but ithink he does a reciever stimulus the knowledge of living in closeproximity to the people who will a legendary but uh... actually were alive you heard about it history

can be helpful to understanding thepresent yes a history of the guide to thepresident the archives building down pennsylvania avenue the day stone a plaque which is what is past isprologue while it doesn't give us a key to thefuture i think it does uh... give us a sense ofconfidence in the future this country has passed through verydifficult day but it has a pass through them

and he is a rather interesting to realize that therewere other no republican with the old republic in the world and when we were founded there was ayear king frances are in russia and it wouldbe keen all that's been wiped away in yet who's going to continue makes us feel that the will continue inthe future and that we represent a long f

building on the live in the end of theefforts of the men who were here end of the american people in the past so i consider that he's going to be asources artistry to be a source of strength tous here in the white house and will theamerican people and anything which dramatizes the greatstory of the united states is i think the white house doesn't is worthy of the closest attention and respect by americans who lived hereand visit here and who are

policy citizenry and that's why i'm glad that they have jackie is making it the cheese making other first ladies have done it and iknow that those who come after us will continue to try to make this week really over a sense of american historical life thank you mister president and thank you mrs kennedy for

joining us this wonderful how often would you live and all of a wonderful thing but yourbring to it

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