pc möbel wohnzimmer

pc möbel wohnzimmer

"hey baby! i just wanted to say to you: hello and i love you!" "oh, good message! i'll soon coming come, yay!" yaay, i'm happy what is it? "i cannot wait to finish this baby-sitter job," it won't take much longer "and be back at home by my beloved husband" "i miss you" i miss you, too

"i've to go back to work" "i love you ethan, i miss you so much" "i send you thousand kisses" "bye baby!" bye! see you pan (gronks gf) so sweet "ethan, you were right" "i've lied to you"

"that was wrong but, i just want to say you that if this reaches you" "don't search for me!" this will be funny.. oh god i am so excited so excited "hello?" "hey, here is ã¤hhm ethan" "oh hey, is everything all right?"

"suddenly you were vanished" "yes, yes, no. i am alright" "i'm alright" "it's mia" "she is not dead, she's alive, she's back" "she was founded?" "how? what did happen?" "i don't know"

"i don't know how" "but she is back back again" "maybe this is a trick" "she wants me to come and get her" "where is she?" "man it's been three years!" "i know! i know but what if it is her?" "i've to find out what's happened"

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