wohnzimmer weiß blau

wohnzimmer weiß blau

- well, hello, everyone,my name is tyler oakley, and today is another tuesday, which means i'm doing a q&a. i'm feeling very patriotic today. it's all about that red,white, and blue realness. so, clearly that is what i'm sporting. i hope that's okay, tothose that are abroad. bonjour. (laughs) okay, so i asked youguys on twitter to submit

any of your questions with thehashtag, ask tyler anything, to tweet them to me. if you're not followingme on twitter, how are you going to be in one of these videos? that's the real question. so, i picked some of myfavorites, and lets... why do i keep doing this? let's get down to business. rachel would like to know,"are you going to see

"'the fault in our stars' movie?" i, of course, am going to. i'm sure i'm going tosee it multiple times. i really would love tocome to the premiere. i would love to interview the cast. i'm just gonna, you know what? i am all about putting mydreams out into the world. let's make those things happen. let's do it.

cara would like to know,"how often do you shave?" i actually don't shave that often. my face doesn't grow anything. i am a prepubescent boy. i am four and a half. hello. but yes, i do shave from time to time, and i have kind of been neglecting it. so, in the past couple ofvideos, a lot of you guys

have been like, "oh my god, the stubble!" i'm sorry, i'm sorry thati put you through that. i am a man. i grow hair on my face. and y'all are gonna have to deal. alyssa would like to know,"what is your next goal "in the fundraiser?" so, last night i held my veryfirst fundraiser/livestream for my birthday fundraiserthing that i'm doing

for the trevor project. and we passed our goal of $150,000 for the trevor project in like three days. and i like allotted 50 days. so, we extended the goal, andwe hit $200,000 last night. so now the goal is 250, buti feel like i'm just going to keep increasing that. and again, if you wantto win a trip to la, every time you donate is moreentries for you and a friend

to fly out to la to hang out with me, if you wanna hang out with me. so, if you want that, donate. if you are a good person, donate. because every dollargoes to help save lives. katie would like toknow, "what are you most "looking forward to in hawaii?" so, if you haven't seen, i wastalking about it on twitter, but i am going to hawaii this weekend.

and i've never been before,so i'm really excited. and me and korey are going. and all of our second life is going. and there might be somemore special guests, so stay tuned. but if i'm going to pick one thing that i'm actually looking forward to in hawaii, it would have to be meeting you guys, 'cause i feel like, maybe notmany people come to hawaii?

so, hopefully, this is a chancefor us to share a moment. but they're almost out oftickets, so i wanted to tell you guys, if any of mypeople wanted to meet me or see me or anything like that, i'm going to be in hawaii. and i've like never been before, so this might be ouronly chance to embrace. so, the link to that is below,if you want to get a ticket, get it as soon as you seethis, because they are going

to sell out like that. (snaps) alexis says, "dedicatea song to your mother." and i've never talked about this in a video before, i don't think. but ever since i was little,me and my mom use to always dance in our living room. i was like probably fiveor six or something. we would always dance in my living room and get like down and get crazy

to one song in particular,and that was "american pie". and it's, you know that song. ♫ bye bye miss american pie ♫ drove my chevy to thelevy and the levy was dry ♫ but we would always dance to that song, and then we like made a pact. when i get married, weare going to get like crazy on the dance floor to that song. so, to my mom, i dedicate "american pie".

my wedding is going to be epic. i first just need to find a groom. kristy says, "if you werea female for the day, "what would you do?" i would probably spendthat entire day realizing how much male privilege exists? tim wants to know, "whatbook do you recommend "this month?" and if you don't know, i recommend a new

audible.com/tyleroakleybook every single month. audible is a great littlewebsite where you can get a whole bunch of audio books. they have like every single book ever. i recommend a new book every single month. i have recommended booksfor like a year now. you guys are loving it, andyou ask me every single q&a which book i'm recommending. if you use audible.com/tyleroakley,you can get your

first book free, and this month... i just did this like a million times. this month, i am recommending "seriously...i'm kidding"by the one and only ellen degeneres, because she is my queen and also my doppelganger,and we are twinsies for life. so, i am going to belistening to that book, but if you don't want thatone, you can get any book on the website, the firstone free, when you sign up

with audible.com/tyleroakley. elsie would like to know, "do you drink?" and elsie, welcome to my youtube channel. you must be new here. i enjoy a beverage from time to time. "if youtubers were drinks,who would you be thirsty for?" i'm certainly craving... a grace helbig gulp. (laughs) i hate me, i'm so sorry.

"have you seen 'camp takota'?" yes, i have seen 'camp takota'. if you're looking for a movie to watch, camptakota.com. i am not saying thisbecause these girls are my favorite humans in all of existence. i am saying this becausethe movie is perfect, the actors are perfect,the writing is perfect. everything about it is perfect.

the link to it is below. and y'all need to get on boardbefore you get left behind. okay, just sayin'. annie says, "what are yourfuture collaborations?" i actually have a collaborationcoming this friday with one of my goodfriends who i have never collaborated with before. if you have any guess, putthem in the comments below. tori would like to know, "haveyou seen the lego movie?"

yes, everything about it was awesome. if you haven't seen it, go watch it. although, my glasses make3d movies really difficult, so i had to put my 3d glasseson underneath my glasses. it was kind of a terrible experience, but the movie was incredible. go see it, i loved it. i can't wait to see it again. aspiring hippie says, "whendid you lose your virginity?"

um, do i want to say that? my mom watches these videos. i was 18, it was st. patrick's day. that's all. okay, so that is all ihave for you guys today. i hope that's enoughquestions for this week. i will be doing more q&a's in the future, so follow me on twitter, ifyou want to be a part of those. and everything i talkedabout in this video

will be in the descriptionbelow, so click that. check out all the linksthat i talked about. so, thank you guys for watching. if you liked this video, besure to give it a thumbs up, and have a good life. and i will see you guys next time. this friday, i've got a big video coming, so subscribe if you'renot already subscribed. and yes...


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