moderne wohnzimmer komplett

moderne wohnzimmer komplett

“the allianz arena is a dream for me. it’s always at its best in the morning, in my opinion – the allianz arena at sunrise, when the entire ground is glistening in the sunlight from the east. it’s a bit cheesy, but still really nice.” “we provide internet connection for up to 100,000 people with our stadium-wide wifi. the lte network has been expanded in the same way.” “the real thrill was to see the new screens be used for the first time. that really made a huge difference. when the day came for them to be used,

it was phenomenal to see those massive, high-quality pictures.” “without the allianz arena, fc bayern’s success story, especially over the last 10-12 years, would not have been possible. the allianz arena is the key for all our success.” “a good groundsman starts at 6am. if the pitch isn’t in good condition i have sleepless nights - actually sleepless. the smell is an absolute dream.” “the view from the roof of the allianz arena is phenomenal.” “it is our aspiration, and it always will be, to have one of the best stadiums in the world,

up to the standard of fc bayern and its supporters.” “the players’ tunnel is a highlight for me every time. you don’t manage to see the whole arena until quite late. you can always put yourself in the players’ shoes, to imagine what it feels like when the arena is filled with 75,000 fans.” “this stadium is our home, it’s our living room. as a young lad it was always my aim to play at a big ground like this. i love my job as a goalkeeper.” “i believe very strongly in the saying: if you want to shape the future, you have to know your past.

fc bayern’s values are to nurture tradition, to maintain it, whilst ensuring not to neglect the present.” “there’s suddenly great awareness surrounding the topic football, you can talk about topics topics like integration and confidence, but also about general values and cooperation. using the exhibition to show these, that’s what we enjoy the most, because we often experience goosebump moments at work as well.“ “i’ve seen someone cry tears of joy before because it was so nice and she was so happy to be here.”

“this stadium is a success story in itself. it has an incredible atmosphere and in terms of infrastructure, i think it’s the best stadium i know.” “with its architecture, the allianz arena was one of the first stadiums that managed to enter completely different lines of business.” “the allianz arena is a true events location, used by companies and private parties alike for celebrations, meetings, weddings, proposals – we’ve seen it all. there’s always something going on here in between matchdays.” “the advantage of live cooking is that the guests are properly involved.” “nowadays, we’re a 365 day arena.

the allianz arena is not just a football stadium, that’s very important to us.” more than football. >>> more than football. 365 days a year.

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